Did anything come out of the poll on the possibilty of a Mailbag forum? The voting came out with a more-or-less 3 way tie between never, once in a blue moon, and sometimes. Or is it still being discussed along with adding more stuff to the staff pr0n amongst ye peoples?

I don’t see any reason why we SHOULD have a mailbag forum. In fact, I would say that it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

Well, Merl and them must consider this somewhat seriously since they actually did make a poll on it.

I’m pretty sure it got scrapped, seeing as how there would be less than 100 visitors of that forum in total (and about 10 active ones)

Well, considering that there’s only about 100 visitors to the Sprite Forum or the HTI Forum (that I see, at least (I don’t go them often)) and about 10 post, why aren’t they scrapped?

Those are subsite-related. They have just about no traffic, true, but do you want a rabid Hiryuu/984/Rast on your hands? :stuck_out_tongue:

It might be worth it for the comedic value. =P

We could delete all of them at the same time, then say each of them deleted the other’s. The results would be glorious.

Another valid worry is the possiblity that it would turn into the next ToB, which I’m sure most people certainly don’t want. :stuck_out_tongue:

I doubt that’ll happen seeing as how non-mailbag related topics would probably be closed :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah. All non-mailbag topics would be BAND. And closed. I would rule it with an iron (hah) fist.

Plus, I would sticky a topic for asking where the Mailbag is. All questions would be brushed aside and not answered.

Hey 984, where <em>is</em> the mailbag at?

If you learned to check the mainpage, you might find out, GM! :smiley:

[hits Green Mage over the head with a bag that says “MAIL”] RIGHT HERE!!

CC has a point, there’s already too many forums nobody posts in.

We would just use it as a place to make fun of people, and only moreso of the hosts: Especially Kagon. That would only serve to make Kagon sad, which again would make Megaman984 distressed because he would have to see and experience a sad Kagon up close.

I don’t really see the purpose, what would be post about? It would be silly to post about the replies, and posting about the replies to the replies would just get confusing: Since we’d probably end up with replies to the replies to the replies, and so on.