So you're back, from out of space...

…or at least low earth orbit, does that count? Whatever, they finally got him down from the faux Death Star after a whole decade, Megaman Legends 3 confrimed for the 3DS!

God bless you Inafune. I’m definitely buying the damn thing now.

Sadly the 3DS will cost as much as an Xbox 360 when it comes out. I wonder what the PSP2 will cost?

That’s japanese pricing. It will probably be cheaper here.

It’s been a good week for revivals…

or it would have been if Langrisser wasn’t necro’d as an MMO made in Taiwan. :frowning:

Otherwise fuck yeah!

Now if only they would go back to ZX and wrap up the plot threads they left hanging (and maybe make an actually good game for that as well).

Edit: I really hope they can get Teisel’s VA back for this. It just won’t be the same without him.