So you want to play Master of Orion II

<u>You will need three (or four) programs</u>

#1: <a href = “” target = “new”>Master of Orion II</a>, the game, obviously. Look in for a torrent. It should only be about 150MB.
#2: <a href = “” target = “new”>Hamachi</a>, a virtual LAN program. We need this to establish the type of connection necessary to play network MoO2.
#3: <a href = “” target = “new”>DosBox</a>, a DOS emulator. We need this to play the DOS version of MoO2 (so that everyone has the same version of the game) and so that we can create an IPX network for the game to connect on. Version 0.65 (the latest) of this program is a must.
#4: <a href = “” target = “new”>Daemon Tools</a>, an ISO image mounter. If you already have a similar program you don’t need this. This is mostly for installation purposes.

Now that you have all three programs (or four) programs installed, follow these:

<u>10 easy steps to play MoO2</u>

  1. Install MoO2.
  2. Copy the ENTIRE Orion installation CD into where ever your game was installed. Yes, it sounds counterproductive, but to get the DOS version working you need a few essential files that are not included in a direct install.
  3. Apply two files. The first zip should contain a patch, and the second a patch and maybe some files to replace the ones in the C:\program files\microprose\orion2\ folder (or where ever you installed it). In any case, if it asks you if you want to replace a file, generally say yes. Here they are: <a href = “”>this one first</a>, and then <a href = “”>this one</a>. Everyone should be running MoO2 version 1.40b23 of the DOS version.
  4. If you are running Orion from a CD, create a file called “orioncd.ini” in your installation folder using notepad or something and write in it only one line: “F:” without the quotes, or whatever the virtual drive of the Orion 2 CD happens to be. (It could be G:, or M:\ for all I know)
  5. You will need to configure DOSBox.

After you install the program look in its folder; there will be a file called DOSBox.conf (it will also appears in your program files folders). Open it, look down about one screen and you will see something that looks like this:


change the values to this:


Also, change ipx=false to ipx=true

  1. Start up Hamachi. The HOST must create a server (preferably protected by a password) and the players must connect.
  2. Start up DOSBox. The HOST must know his IP address and type “ipxnet startserver”. The PLAYER must know the host’s IP address and type “ipxnet connect [address of host]”. (After the host has started the server, obviously).
  3. All players type “mount x c:\directoryofgame”. For example, if you installed it in the default folder, it will be “mount x c:\progra~1\microp~1\orion2”. Remember that old DOS truncates file and folder names to SIX characters followed by an assignment number of ~1, ~2, etc. Then type X: and you should be in that directory.
  4. Type orion2~1.exe, and you should be in the game (via DOSBox). Make sure it says “version 1.40b23” in the bottom right corner.
  5. The HOST should have started hosting a game in multiplayer, and the PLAYER will join, via the “IPX Network” play option in Multiplayer. Then you should see the game and be able to join and play :slight_smile:

<u>Questions and Answers</u>

Q: The torrent doesn’t give me an ISO!
A: Your torrent gives you an .exe, then, which extracts all of the CD info into a folder. You can pretend that that folder into whcih the .exe extracted all its files into is the CD and run setup from it (for the installation).

Q: I can’t run MoO2 because it says RKERNEL.COM is missing!
A: Make sure you did step 2.

Q: It doesn’t say “version 1.40b23” in the right bottom corner of MoO2!
A: Make sure you are running the dosversion, via DOSBox. The name of the executible is, by default, “Orion2v140.exe”, and it came in the v1.40b23 patch zip file. Make sure you are running this file and not any others! (like ORION2.EXE, Orion95.exe, etc.)

Q: I did everything, but I run into connectivity issues in DOSBox!
A: It may be a problem with DOSBox. Make sure you did ALL of part 5 (including the ipx=true part!)

Q: I don’t see the game!
A: Reconfigure your stupid firewall >:(

Q: I can join games, but I can’t host them!
A: You’re probably behind a router-firewall. I still haven’t been able to figure this out, because I’m not a big expert on port forwarding. Just get someone who’s not behind a router-firewall to host.

Q: Cless, you are totally awesome.
A: That’s not a question.

what if we don’t want to play your stupid game? what then huh?

Cool guidething. What is RPGC’s take on not-exactly-legal software? Abandonware only? (Roms seem to get burnt)

then ur faird



Come into the chat and we shall have a grand discussion concerning the completely legal and law-abiding uses of software :slight_smile:

Edit: Taran, dis_astranagant and I have an awesome game going. You can save in the middle too!

Cless, you are totally awesome?

Holy shit, I was just getting into this game again a couple days ago.

I have the win95 version though. I’ll get the DOS version if we end up playing together.

I’ll play it, but we might have to use the inbuilt VPN in my Firewall. I’m not sure if it lets Hamachi through, and, in any case, Hamachi isn’t avaiable to Linux ( I’d have to reboot or play in VMWare. )

Hey Cless, I’ve been clean for a couple of years. I’m not sure I’d dare return to the lair of chatness.

erm, you get my point.

You know it’s legal if you download the trial and then use an official update to remove the trial portion right?

Oh hay guys, what’s going on in this thread? Yeah, I’ll play. Just got everything rolling a moment ago :d

Ah, question answered, as I hadn’t checked it. Judging books by their covers etc. I’m not really a 4X sci fi fan, which means I may try a 4X or a sf game but not a game featuring both. Then again it’s getting boring always reading about the “divine MoO2” etc, so I may sometime bring myself to play it.

Or just go and play a RTS.

I got sound working (sort of). All you have to do is run setsound.exe from within dosbox, but don’t bother because it is choppy as all hell due to how big of a strain it is to run the game.

Also, computers on Impossible are hard :frowning: