So, who thinks Kerry can still win?


Only way it really seems likely is if he wins Ohio and Wisconsin (or Iowa), and I don’t think Ohio will go for Kerry. There is a chance for a 269-269 tie, but I doubt that also.

On a Senate note, I find it extremely interesting that Daschle might lose to Thune.

Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos.

Who has the best lawyers?

In the case of a tie, the senate votes. The senate is republican, so Bush still wins.

Actually, the House would choose. But, it does it in a funky fashion where it’s only one vote per state.

The house, my mistake. It’s still republican majority, however. 52 republicans/46 democrats.

Do You guys get Any Sleep (At Four New York Time)? You must like CNN or FF11. (Pie is in the UK)

At 5 Eastern (says Larry King) CNN say that Kerry is 2 away from Bush for the 270 Number.

Big Nutter
I’d Vote for Kerry if I was an Amrerican.