So, where's the economic downfall gonna take us?

Place your bets, folks!

Probably not as far as your typical doom-and-gloom self thinks it will.

All the way to Reno.

Where it always takes us:
A continued remission cycle, followed by a short-lived, yet quite large economic boost when the government starts a new war. That’s where the bets should be - which region? (Mine’s on either Isreal or Pakistan).

This. As for the region…any country with oil. Or for randomness, Mexico.

You should add a poll.

Mexico is actually considered to be the country with the most untabbed oil fields in the world. I don’t think the next war will be oil based. If it’s within the next couple of years, the Pakistan or Isreal case might hold under the pre-text of “Protecting American Interests” (ie. our political ‘allies’). However, any longer and I’d have to guess on a region with a lot of untabbed production and/or industrial areas. Something along the lines of “America gone Wal-Mart” and going after Thailand, Laos, or Burma - maybe even as high up as China (although I’d expect that because a lot of our financial debt is with them, this might be more unlikely).

War. War never changes.

I’ve heard the argument about Mexico having lots of untapped natural resources. (With the irony being that they have a crappy economy.) Still, I could see it happening. Not in my lifetime, that’s for sure.

Though if we’re going for pure resources, may as well get Africa. Get rid of AIDS, rebels, and take all their stuff (or reduce the number of Ethiopian hunger/poor ads). Might be a 3-in-1 deal there. You never know what shit might go down…

War actually changes quite a bit. We don’t exactly do the whole “march up in a solid line, exchange volleys” any more like they used to. We don’t do phalanxes. We don’t do trench warfare. It changes.

Mexico doesn’t have a crappy economy, it’s a couple positions under the top 10.

No, Mexico has other problems, like clean drinking water and drug lords and such. Personally, I think the next war will involve an axis of evil of sorts, perhaps North Korea and Iran or some other combination of nations.

Cowboy times?

You know what I mean. The REASONS for war are always the same. Land, ideology… and resources. And since few things get the economy rolling like a war, and there’s always someone who’ll profit from it, you can expect to see more of it in the future.


After mankind discovered the killing power of rock and bone, blood has been spilled in the name of everything - god, justice, and simple psychotic rage.

Even after most of the world has been turned into nuclear ash, even after the world governments have crumbled and the social infrastructure decays into anarchy, even when, after the greatest and most horrible war of all, the human race has every reason to band together in an effort to save one another from total annihilation — they don’t.

Soo… resource, justice, hatred… What’s your poison?

Just as others have said before me, the economic cycle will continue to churn. Myself, I’m coming up on deployment number three to either Iraq or Afghanistan, so I really don’t give a rats ass about who we fight after this. Either way, I go somewhere, life sucks for a while, and I come back here. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I think he’s quoting Fallout.