So what're people doing for hallowe'en?

I’m heading to a ‘Masquerade Ball’ where we dress up, go to a pub and get drunk. It’s gonna be fun! I’m going as Spike Spiegel’s evil (non-canon) twin, mainly because I wasn’t able to find a blue suit that I could rent that would match.

I did find a suit for 50 euro (woo, cost or less sales!) which was similar to his, but in black. So I decided to shave off everything except my goatee and go as evil twin. Or possibly evil him from a parallel universe. Whichever works.

Abraham Lincoln right after he was shot. Going over to a house party to pregame (maybe) before heading over to a join Halloween party with the entire law school and MBA school. Hopefully win the Most Outrageous Costume portion of the contest. crosses fingers

If you don’t you better have fake blood left to splatter on the other guy.

I’m going to dress up as a stranded time-traveler from a dytopian, post-apocalyptic future. Then I’m going to run around demanding that people tell me what year it is.

Going home. Locking the door. Going to sleep.

Pretty much what Cavelcade is doing only it’s not called a ‘Masquerade Ball’. I’m going as an iPod silouette.

That’s why I’m glad I live in an apartment/condo building. :smiley:

I may go to a weird party with people from my lab and take embarrassing pictures. Or I’ll stay home and eat candies.

Going to the hippest (read: ONLY) goth/industrial bar in town. I’m going as a Steampunk Lady with a portable aire filtration canister and of course, goggles. You can’t be steampunky without goggles.


Our “Halloween” (minus the scary part) is still a few months away. I drew an eevil pumpkin though, right now. Just for you.

Watch Halloween-themed shows on TV. :ulty:

Karaoke pub maybe

I’m gonna have some of my friends over, make pizza, and watch so-bad-that-they’re-good “scary” movies, like Jason X.

This was fun. Got more than a few confused looks, and it was uncomfortable as hell, but it was well worth it.

Got most of the clothes from Goodwill, and rolled the lot in a nice patch of dirt right before I put it on. (That coat was only ten bucks, and I got five off it with a coupon.) My grandmother made the eyepatch. She rocks. In addition, I’m several weeks overdue for a haircut, haven’t shaved since Wednesday, and gargled some food coloring to stain my teeth. I am nothing if not willing to suffer for my art.

Got to hand out candy again this year. Fortunately the display was spooky enough to scare a couple of children (and one little girl to tears even). Otherwise it’s been a very boring night.

And now I’m just going to spend the rest of the night here on the RPGC dancin’ away the night. :dancer:

Not a lot…my Thursday-Friday combo pretty much drains me of everything. 15 hours at school Thursday, then 5 Friday. I don’t get a break until Friday evening. As much as I’d like to do something, I’m wore out.

I’ll probably watch some movies or something. Maybe play some Persona 2 or 3. Makes me think of Halloween for some reason.

I handed out candy to kids and now I’m going to sleep.

Went to work and went straight out as a phlebotomist

Fucking pissed right now actually. Fucking Saturday morning work ruins my fucking fucking. dumb.

Looks like a sweet coat for 10 bucks.

Was Rorshach. Went to party, despite insistance it was cold and we should not walk so far. Never compromise, not even in the face of armaggedon. Never.