So what was that?

When I was young there was a cartoon network that played non-stop cartoons and taught me how to be a man. Or at least good Bugs Bunny lines.

So there was this show, with a group of rebels who fought an evil empire (wow!). They were trying to disrupt it’s actions on many planets. The main hero was a guy (black hair??) who had something like a small machine with a jewel embedded in his hand. It would bathe the scene with light/laser and destroy the big baddie of the empire, making the rebels almost invincible (except when the thing wouldn’t work). Later on there were other rebels with the hand-thingie, a love interest and some flashbacks (I think?). And on one episode they went underwater in a submarine (not yellow).

Normally it would be easy to find, cause I remember the empire guys’ name. Translated though… It sounded like Vos-cause-ee (Vos like a munched up Voice).

If anybody knows what the show was called or could point me to the right direction (forums/sites etc) I’ll get him a beer. Or cake. Or a bunch of grapes.

Posterity edit: It was fucking Lensman.