So What Do You Think About The RPG's You Play?

I think that Seiken Densetsu 3 is great.Graphics,story,gameplay,characters,bosses,spells,and towns.
Only problem I would have is leveling up…takes a long time just to level up some times and the only powerful creatures in the game are in theMana Holyland.get about800-1000 or more exp in that place but if you play like 5 hours straight which is tirin to do you could get lvl 45-75 and that takes a long ass time.Well I guess it makes it more fun that way so what commets would you like to share about the RPG’s you played?

Nothing that hasn’t already been said…

Sorry, I think this is a lame and redundent topic.

I concur. We don’t need a catch-all thread for talking about RPGs.