So there was this skunk...

… and well, our dogs chased it. And got sprayed. So we smell it, they get inside and run around our house. Quick spray of cologne and breath mints later, I’m out the door and off to the pet supply store we go. Got some stuff to help the smell. It did, mostly.

God, it smells like bitter, acidy metal. Like blood, but bitter.

Anyone have any experiences with skunks?

Personally, I’ve seen like ten while walking around but never been sprayed.

My springer spaniel was sprayed once. It really did smell bad. I remember we gave her a tomato juice bath, but I don’t remember what else.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a skunk in real life… Do they really have the stripe and everything? Wow, I don’t think I’ve even seen one outside a cartoon. O_o Oh wait, no. Tom Green Show.

Best recipe ever for deskunking:

One quart 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
One Teaspoon of liquid soap or shampoo
1/4 Cup of Baking Soda

We have all that stuff at my hunting cabin, because my uncle’s beagle usually gets a skunk or two every year.

That sucks, why do sunch cute animals have to be so nasty?

Yeah, over the summer my friend and I were watching Casablanca in my family room, and about halfway through we noticed this pungent garlic smell. We finished watching the movie, but after leaving and coming back about half an hour later, we were amazed that we could stand it for that long. The house stank for days afterwards.

Heh heh, skunk…Brings back memories(but not of encounters with skunks, just encounters with the Mary Jane of the skunky kind)

I’ve only seen a skunk maybe once, and that was years ago when my entire family went camping. My aunts turned up the radio to scare it away. That worked: no harm, no foul.

There have been skunks in the area once or twice. They’ve never sprayed anything, but occasionaly they eat the cat’s food.

Here, the only time you need to be on the alert for skunks is summer. I learned that when my dog got sprayed TWICE. She would have been sprayed a third time, but I managed to see the skunk in the distance so I brought her back inside.

A friend of mine kept a skunk as a pet. It was cool.

I think some people also like keeping hedgehogs as pets. Odd choice, but interesting nonetheless.