So the main purpose to heavy weapons in SF is..

  1. Mech Stats.

  2. To allow you to conserve WP. Especially if that bolt thrower will finish them anyway. As they may be limited in battle, but they always regenerate for the start of each new one.

  3. Combos to do with higher end skills maybe.


Even if not for stats, a lot of the heavy weapons later on can do some obscene damage by themselves which helps.

I still just don’t prefer to use them, too much time and money, too much luck involved.

  1. Stats? Lethal Guns are better for Mec Stats, because they raise HP, and Vitality a hell of a lot, and you can get them in the damn Junk Shop at Scrap, easy. After that, just get them 3 Cyber Suits, and Voila. You have a Mec with 999 HP, 99 Vitality, and 99 Defense. In short, it’s a Mec that can get hurt by about nothing, has too much HP for it to even matter. The only thing it needs after that is Shooting Mastery, and it’ll attack for about 1000 minimum. No heavy weapons necesary.

  2. WP Conservation, huh? That might be good in the beginning of the game, but before Heavy Weapons even get that great, you should have enough techs in any category to be a “master”, thus rendering that concept inept. Of course, you have to be smart about using weapons, and equip decent 1 WP techs (Now 0 WP), like Double Slash, or Air Throw. It’s more efficient for non-mecs to use their normal methods of attack anyways, so they can level up accordingly.

  3. Combo attacks…probly true. There are probly some really good ones with stronger ones, like the Hyperion Bazooka…but seriously, a lot of the strongest Heavy Weapons are acquired solely on luck. It’s still the normal guns that are most accessible.

So yeah. Heavy Weapons. Too much time, not enough benefits. Not worth my effort.

Yeah, I’ll admit luck is the huge problem with getting the best heavy weapons. =/

One thing is for certain while I may use them a bit more for normal fights. For boss fights, I’ll probably stick to say Bound Shot and etc. Much easier and more practical.


Yeah, Bound Shot with Two Guns and the right guns is much more powerful than even a Hyperion Bazooka.

Bound Shot+Two Gun+Quick Draw is a favorite of mine. It’s like a great balance. Between power, speed, cost, blah, blah, the harmony of the moon, the harmony of people. Okay maybe it’s not that great of balance.


Well, considering it is the best gun tech and all, I think there’s nice balance to it =P

Heh, who all’s good with guns in SaGa Frontier anyways? I know Emilia and Roufas are, but that’s all really. Roufas is better off using Swords to me, and Emilia’s better off using anything, I’d say. Emilia, in my opinion, is the best character you can get in every scenario, because she has high intelligence to start off with, and seems to be proficient in everything.

Meiling, Doll, and Fuse are also good with guns. Asellus and Lute can be too- they’re both good at whatever you give them.

Actually from my experience Gun techs in general are easier to learn than sword or fist techs. Partially because with Gun techs, I can just end battles fast and the techs are streamlined to just a few to get.

Of course even so I’ve had better luck getting gun techs with say Doll then with say Gen, but in the end they aren’t too hard to learn. Another reason I’m fond of them in the end.


Every time I use Guns, I have a godawful time learning techs. :stuck_out_tongue: It makes me mad. :stuck_out_tongue: Consequently, I use them a lot less.

I know Intelligence, and I believe Will affect the rate at which you learn gun techs. Just give Blue a gun after he and Rouge fuse- he’ll learn gun techs after every single battle.

Intelligence increases the rate in which you learn techs (Which is why Blue is the best at learning stuff), and also determines the strength of Gun and Magic Attacks

Will determines the damage done by all techs, and raises accuracy for Swords and Guns.

I occasionally use Heavy Weapons, but almost always just on my mechs, as I want every action possible on a Mystic or Human to go toward possibly learning a new tech/spell.