So Spider-man, the Hulk and Iron Man run into giant robots...

And it makes for a pretty damn good ad.

I could watch more stuff like this, I’m impressed by the effort and work they put into it.

I just had my daily dose of Awesome for the day.

Indeed. Very much awesome to be found there. :smiley:

  • looks down pants* Wow. Power up, Mr Microphone.

Wow. It was just like in the comics, but in 3d! And it’s a Marvel Comics ad? I was waiting for the punchline of it being an ad for a cell phone company or something, but it wasn’t, thank goodness!

Nice also to see Hulk and Iron Man finally portrayed as heroes again (if you’re following the comics you know what I mean.) Of course that’s because of the movies. So, Marvel? Fix them in the comics already, OK??

“…Puppy!..” :hahaha;

My favorite part, for all the wrong reasons, was when the robot exploded in space, and there was a ring-shaped shockwave.

Pretty great old-fashioned comic bookery…I just wish I knew why it existed, and where I can get more.
Also, Spidey is great as comic relief, but why don’t they give him more to do? Just because One More Day totally screwed up his character doesn’t mean he can’t be awesome in other mediums, as opposed to just standing there.

That was some really great stuff.

Now, this is gonna be some good superhero action.

The Spider-Man games already totally rock. Now they just got better.

Wow that was pretty cool. Although, the voice for Spider Man is the voice for Raiden (Metal Gear Solid), and also does the voice for the web head in Ultimate Alliance, so I’m inclined to believe it’s some kind of promotional video.

IT MUST BE MINE! (just as soon as I can get something that I can play it on)