So Shiva's a Motorcycle now...Wait WTF!?

Check here for the details.

This does leave me wanting to know two things; First, what the hell is she going to look like in Vehicle Mode? And second, Autobot or Decepticon?

Oh and yeah there’s also something going on with a Cacoon thingy too.

That game is starting to sound interesting. And since the heroine can summon her/it, I’m assuming Shiva’s an Autobot.

Yeah, but she’s being deceptive, starting with her name, so …

That’s the most awesome idea ever in a FF. Summon my Harley and equip my wrench, we are goin’ through the Pulse area of Mexico, hombre!

Kidding. Why didn’t Hades’ radars locate this earlier?

I can’t wait, especially since it uses ATB instead of FF12’s crap ADB.

Definately sounds cool. I wonder what the other summons in the game are going to transform into. Hopefuly just as cool and useful vehicles.

Transformer Summons?? I hope this isn’t a case of the FF people trying TOO HARD to be original. Still sounds better than FF12, however.

Btw have you people noticed how the FF games seem to alternate between classical fantasy and modern Sci-Fi themes? FF7 = modern, FF Tactics= medieval, FF8 = Modern, FF9 = medieval, FFX = modern, FF11 = medieval, FFX2 = modern, FFX12 = medieval, FF13 (apparently) = modern, etc. I think it’s intentional. I like it, it keeps things fresh. Though the Modern FFs tend to be more morose in tone.

Actually, there is another pattern apart from the medieval/modern thingy. The FF games also alternate between focusing on a complex story with a simple gameplay, and focusing on a complex gameplay with a somehow lacking story. FF1 = Gameplay, FF2 = Story, FF3 = Gameplay, FF4 = Story, FF5 = Gameplay, FF6 = Story, FF7 = Gameplay, FF8 = Story, FF9 = Gameplay, FF10 = Story, FF11 = Gameplay, FF12 = sto–er… It seems to end with FF12 lol

XIII is going to be absolutely insane. If I don’t pick up a high definition television sooner, I will get one to play this title. When you think about the evolution of graphics on each system, and note the improvements between VII and IX, X and XII, you can’t help but wonder what XIV is going to look like. How much better can 2D graphics get, before they have no choice than to start working on 3D?

Atari Adventure:


Hmm… can’t really help but think it’s a grown-up Heather from SH3…

… Bunnysuits at the amusement park, brr…

HDTV… well… As if the PS3 itself wasn’t costly enough… :confused:

By the time FFXIII is out, you’ll probably be able to buy a 42" HD TV for $500 and the PS3 will probably be $400.

waits for Sin to comment on the lack of boobage

I disagree with a lot of those. FF2 had great gameplay, and FFV had a great story, for example.

Am I the only one who things that’s the single most fucking retarded concept ever? I think I vomited in my mouth a little bit from reading that.

I personally hate the techno approach. I mean, the “Final” part is already a joke, now they are erasing the “Fantasy” as well. But what the hell.

The only things I’m hoping for is that, in the first place, they just don’t forget that they are making an RPG and turn it into an action game unplayable for people with slow reflexes, and second, they don’t just put all their might into they “beautiful expansive world” and forget to write the… you know, the story like they did in XII.

Maybe you’ll be able to fly Bahamut as an airship.

Heh, imagine the summons running out of gas. They could even use FFVIII’s draw system to get gas from the enemies you beat.

Hm, that sounds stupid enough that there is a possibility it’ll be in the game.

There are other scans with pictures of Shiva scatterred on the net and… have you noticed that there are TWO Shivas? 2 Shivas on the same pictures. They’re like twins and one is more robotic than the other, kinda.


They’re sisters. And “Ice Queens.” And summons.And motorcycles with a drink cooler.