So now you're extending my ban? That's pretty retarded.

You had no reason to ban me in the first place. People call eachother fags all the time, some joking, some not. If you’re going to actually start enforcing rules number one and two, enforce it on everyone. This means you should have been banning plenty of people in there, even the kid who originally suggested my ban, SG.

No, you’re retarded. The Ban is pleasurable by all means.

And I think you picked the wrong forum little guy. =o It’s okay, we know you have trouble grasping things like that.


Um, people even go there?

Edit: The chatroom forum, I mean. The last time someone posted there was a couple days ago, so no. And Eden, seriously, just fuck off, you’re really nothing but a little thorn. You’re not intelligent man, so stop acting like it. If you were, you wouldn’t waste your time chasing me around trying to bug me. I think that’s called trolling.

yeah eden stop being so stupid I wish you weren’t so stupid just shut up plz

Oh okay, well sorry for trolling you then. =o I thought I did it quite regularaly to consider it trolling, I ought to step up then, hmm?

And I don’t quite understand how just because a forum doesn’t get alot of attention excuses you to post elsewhere. I mean, if someone has a homework question (rare as that is) they’d go to the homework board! (if it’s still there, don’t quote me on that, I haven’t scrolled down that far in ages. :P) But hey, if you’re special enough to post your problems here, we all must be special enough to ignore other rules too! Such as ‘trolling’.

But really, you are quite right Ramza. I shouldn’t have sank to your level. I heartly apologize.


Lanyx is Ramza? Damn dawg, I’m outta the loop

No, I’m not special enough to ignore rules. Apparently, that’s only for people with a custom title. And holy shit Eden, stop posting, just go the fuck away. What the hell is your problem? I’m trying to find out why I’m still banned, can’t you leave me alone? You seriously have some fucking social issues dude.

Shinobi ties shoes. =o


Man Eden really likes bringing people back down to earth. He’s quite good at it too. In an angry, crushing remark sort of way.

Darkness, what the hell are you talking about? All Eden does is tries to act like he has some kind of super powers that let him talk down to anyone he wants.

Finding out that this is Ramza makes this whole situtation so much more exciting.

This started out wrong, with you posting it in the wrong forum. Eden told you why that’s wrong, in an angry, crushing remark fashion. If you don’t like it, put him on ignore.

A winner is Darkness

I won. Wow. Wasn’t expecting that.

I had him on ignore for a while, then I took him off. He changes a lot, sometimes he’s an arrogant asshole, sometimes he’s a fun to talk to kind of person.’

If you don’t like it, put him on ignore.

-Darkness Beckons

Uh, don’t pull that fucking shit. That’s all you people even say. “If you disagree with someone, you obviously just shouldn’t listen to him!” That’s retarded, why don’t you try thinking of another method? Like he stops being an asshole to me, and I’ll stop being an asshole to him.

Lemme just say that flaming someone indiscriminately isn’t gonna make the mods like you. Are you expecting something like this?

Lanyx: Remove my ban! Eden is a fucking retard who should never post again!
Sinistral: Why, sure, Lanyx, since you flamed Eden so nicely, sure I’ll remove your ban! :smiley:

EDIT: That, and referring to a decision they made as “retarded.”

I think I love you Ramza.

Contradictions are fun!!!
And according to you, he’s being bugging you for a while. If you aren’t ever going to get over it, ignore him. If it’s just once or twice, fine, but if it’s constant, ignore.

I think they just did it to make an example, so that people don’t start arguing all the time. Ive seen it happen on other web sites, where every thread just turns into a big fight. They just don’t want that to happen to this site.

Uh, how was that a contradiction? I said sometimes he’s mean, sometimes he’s not. And why’d you remove the quotes? O_o

And Yar: Yes, the ban was very retarded. Some people have had actual FIGHTS way worse than what I said (Which was calling SG a fag jokingly, which people do ALL THE FUCKING TIME) and they just mute the channel, tell some stupid joke, and unmute it.