SO: Maze of Tribulations

I can’t get in! My previous data has been cleared, I’m on the second disc…the doors are blocked. Is there a specific time to come back and check? What do I do? ;_;

Did you beat the game on your second file? You can’t enter the Maze until you complete the game with THAT file.

I have to beat the game twice?!

Well, each individual game save has to defeat the last boss. Assuming that you already beat the game earlier, then started a new file and you’re trying to get that to the Maze of Tribulations, then you’ll have to beat the game with your new game.

EDIT: Did you wait through the entire game’s ending until a window came up and said something like “Saving Clear Data”?

Yes, it said clear on the first data.

So what you’re saying is, the MoT is accessible by the clear file? So if I go back and try to play it, I can access it in that file?

That’s right. You’ll have to play it on the Clear Data file.

Ohh I have another question…where is a good place to get alchemy materials?

Maze of Tribulations Level 3. You can buy them off of Santa! And in this game, he’s always there!

But I need them before I go in. I sold my best weapon because I had wasted synthesizing space (before I could put on Attack 500 I put on Attack 100) and it was over 3000 power. And I bought a newer one to put ALL attk 500’s on it and shit, I ran out of materials…

I cant sacrifice my best powerhouse ;_;

Unfortunately, the only way to get them aside from that and the treasure chests throughout the game are to defeat certain enemies. The amount of enemies that drop Alchemy Materials are far too numerous to list, so I will have to leave that up to you. (HINT: Try the Cave Spider enemy in Kirsla Caverns or the bats in Bequerel Mine!) 8)

Now, to actually have a respectable chance of getting the materials, make sure you activate the bonus battle thing that causes enemies to drop items at a higher rate. Good luck!

Yes, I just needed some enemy examples. I will try those. You rock, Dalton! Cheers.

if all else fails you can get them fairly often in some areas from disintegration chains.