So Kinect Games....

In this case Star Wars Kinect (aka Geriatric Star Wars), that game from E3 2011 is finally out now and I feel has fully and truly captivated the real Kinect experience.

Ladies and gentlemen; we have reached peak Kinect. From here on it is safe to assume that all Kinect supporting titles will be or will include Dance Central (blank).

Look at the bright side: It cannot possibly get more embarrassingly stupid.

Also, is it just me, or does it become marginally less ridiculous when it’s Lando’s turn? Maybe it’s because of the cape and how he looks kinda fabulous to begin with.

Lando was always the Colt 45 dude in a space suit to begin with. If anyone can jive with the force, it would be him.

Also I wouldn’t challenge Kinect on the embarrassingly stupid front since like all things, it’ll find a way.

When I first saw this vid, I intially thought it was DLC for a Dance Central game. Not sure if it being a stand alone is any better, although my love of Star Wars demanded I enjoy watching it regardless.

Additional benefits of a having a friend with Kinect: calling out random weapon changes and abilities while he plays Mass Effect 3.