So- I'm taking up Nethack again:

Any tips for someone that has very little experience with this game? I tried it a few times, but the learning curve is very steep, and so I didn’t make it very far. I DO have roguelike experience with ADOM (which is probably one of my favorite games ever), but I’ve never beaten it (I’ve gotten pretty damned close, but since I don’t save-scum something always seems to happen).

General hints would be good, and outright spoilers are fine as long as they’re… you know… spoilered. Hints based on specific classes and/or races are good, too (as are good spoiler pages). Also, what class/race combinations are generally considered easy/hard to do well in the game with. I’m not expecting to beat the game, in all likelihood, but I do want to get further than say… the area just past the dwarves. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tales alluding to specific characters of yours (whether or not you won) are also always interesting.

Discussing Nethack might also bring back ClothHat for his toxx clause.

I also wanted to know if there was a huge Guidebook similar to the one that is available to ADOM players (found here).


The furthest I’ve ever gotten in the game is level 20 something with a dual weilding samurai, and a dog who had by chance mutated into a…uh, which are the ones that eat brains, again? So yeah, he was killing pretty much whatever got in his way, including shopkeepers and guards, so I had all the equipment and potions I wanted, and my god was really happy with me so I had a kickass weapon and was able to pray to be healed.

I got to the samurai’s special quest and almost completed it…I think. It’s been a while.

But yeah, I enjoyed being a samurai. Recommend dual-wielding if you take that class, apparently it’s what it’s meant for. Don’t equip weapons that might be cursed, don’t drink every bottle you find and for the love of god, get your pet to steal things from the shop, don’t do it yourself. It’s quite awkward and kind of luck based, but you can get your pet to pick something in the shop and carry it to the entrance (or outside!) and then you can pick it up and it won’t be stealing.

If you’re low on health, you can pray to your god. Be careful with this. Sometimes he’ll heal you, but sometimes he’ll curse you or just ignore you. It depends on how happy with you he is. And don’t bother doing it straight away, it normally takes a while for him to get happy.

You can sacrifice things to your god if you find an alter aligned with your deity. So if you get, say, a rat-corpse and bring it to an lawful-good alter, you can sacrifice it to the samurai’s god. You can do try and convert alters that aren’t aligned by doing the same, but sometimes that backfires. Up to you, really.

If your god’s really happy with you and you pray at an alter, he can bless you/give you an awesome weapon.

Dragon scale armour is awesome. Apparently, there’s a way to make it…but I never found out how. Glass armour’s also pretty good. Drink from fountains with care! Sometimes you’ll quench your thirst, sometimes you’ll get yourself a wish-granting genie and sometimes you’ll get a water demon.

Use your ranged weapons on them early on - they’re a good way to level up if you’re careful.

If you get a wish, I suggest you look up a table of awesome items, like Silver-Dragon Scale armour. you have to be very specific but you can get seriously awesome items this way. You could also wish for rings of resurrection (whatever the actual name is I don’t remember). There are a lot of awesome items to wish for, but those two are pretty high. If you add the word Blessed before it, then yes, you get a blessed version of it so far as I know.

Goddamn now I want to play this game again. Fuck you, GAP. :frowning:

Another thing that can happen with fountains is that you might get a horde of poisonous snakes.

But NetHack is played in pretty much the same way as Call of Cthulhu. Don’t fucking trust ANYTHING, unless it’s proven to be safe. And even then you should be careful.

Praying can also get you food when you’re hungry, so you don’t die of food poisoning from eating random stuff off the floor.

And I heard that if you can get your hands on a unicorn horn you can use it to neutralize any kind of poison in potions. Not sure about that, though, since I’ve never had a chance to try it myself.

My best run in NetHack was with a wizard. Not because it was my most succesful, nor because I really prefer wizards. I just went for random. But then I tried a potion which was apparently some freaky, high powered drug, because I had constant hallucinations for the rest of the game. (Maybe 10 floors or so.)
When everything and everyone always looks like Gods know what, the game becomes a whole lot more fun.
You charge a dragon which turns into a gnome, the gorgon hits you, you hit the water demon, the kobold dies. You pick up a newt corpse. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, if you dip a long sword into a fountain, there is a chance that it will be turned into the blessed rustproof Excalibur. This can be done very early, pretty much with the first fountain you find. The only risk is the possibility of releasing snakes.