So I'm back playing Brood War on again

After about three years or more, that is.

Holyfuck, did Korea just make everyone better? I still can’t believe watching some of the replays after getting my ass creamed. I’m learning from it and all, but damn.

Haha yeah, I get creamed in public games these days. Not that I really play anymore…I’m way too busy with DotA to play Starcraft.

Aren’t public games mostly FMP these days? Not that they don’t require their own brand of strategy, but fuck that noise.

Yeah, it’s either Big Game Hunters map, money maps, or fastest possible maps.

I miss that one UMS game that was floating around… Bunker Wars or something. You defend your bunker, but seek out other bunkers while gaining units over time and kills. Not like the no-fog 8-way maps, it was kind of a navigational thing.

Are you thinking of Zone Control? That was one of my favourites, that and Normandy.

Yeah, Zone Control and Bunker Wars were pretty similar, I remember playing those with the RPGC peeps. I also enjoyed a dumbed down version in Warcraft 3 where you picked a hero and there was a castle or a tree or whatever where a single unit spawned every like, 30 seconds or something, and the heroes gained levels up to like, 100… it was awesome.