So good she gets her own thread!

This is to Weiila,celebrating the day angels decided to bring one of thier own to earth.

Happy birthday Weiila! sends Weiila lots of hugs and kisses

Weiila’s birthday is today! gives everyone party hats, noise makers, and eating ware while setting up banners, getting confetti ready, and puts a large cake down

Hurray! Happy Birhtday Weiila!

Happy b-day, Weiila! gives Weiila a leash and collar for Starstorm

Might just come in handy someday. ^_~

Oh, and BTW, I ALWAYS pronouched your name right. :hahaha;

Crap, I forgot!

Happy birthday, Weiila!

Wishing you the best birthday in the world Weiila.

May you continue to flourish and see the joy that is all around you :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday, Weiila. Best of luck to you.

Originally posted by d Galloway
Weiila’s birthday is today! *gives everyone party hats

Starts hitting on the party hats

Happy Birthday Weiila


Gives Weii a FreeBSD DVD which has the odd shape of a smilie

Happy B-day! :smiley:

Runs off cackling gleefully

Aww, thank you everyone 8) hands out hugs

… >>

pokes Wert’s FreeBSD
Is this thing… alive…?

Well then Happy Birthday Weiila, you’ve been doing a great job, with all the fanfic stuff. So let’s hope for a few more years of your excellence!

Best of luck to you on your birthday Mistress Weiila. :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, Weiila! I honestly have no idea what to give you, but if you need a few pointers to errr… train the cat, I could give you a few pointers. …though admittedly I’m unsure if they work as well on the opposite gender. ^_-

Happy barf-day Weiila!

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Weiilaaaaa…

Hey, you can’t sing that! It’s copyrighted!


Happy Birthday Weiila, even if it’s SK’s job to do these threads…thus, only Starstorm shall be whipped.

Oh, and the birthday stash is in the mail.


Happy birthday Weila, may all your wishes come true!:moogle:

damn that was lame

Happy B’day Weila…I’d give you a prezzy, but the rotd has not yet returned, thus I cannot use my rud give sprite :stuck_out_tongue:

I already wished you a happy birthday in the birthday thread but what the hell you deserve it again!

Happy Birthday Weilla! You can use that whip I gave you to give SS a good beating when he misbehaves :hahaha; .

Happy birthday!