So, Chrono Trigger DS

I saw the new boss/ending too…

I was really, REALLY hoping that S-E would go as far as retconning everything that happened in Chrono Cross entirely. Sadly, the Time/Dream/Stuff Devourer doesn’t die a horrible death in this game, and we’re left with an even STRONGER tie to Chrono Cross now. Gah. It would’ve been so easy, we could’ve written CC out and did a happy dance on its grave… Well, at least it’s some closure on what happened to Schala within CT itself, so that’s a plus.

But I like Chrono Cross.

I’m hoping to get the game eventually.

I was referring to the individual spells that used to be marked with numbers, and apparently, now with numerals. Lit/Ice/Fire was DELTA FORCE, right? With the POWER OF CHUCK NORRIS?

I wouldn’t exactly call it the dialog “weakened”. It is quite strong, with the main differences being that Frog is no longer “Thou”-ing up every sentence needlessly

400 years of linguistic change undone:no2: