So apparently it was colder up north this week than on Mars

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Yup. And I work outside.


Canada. Not even once.

I can hear Sin laughing at everyone from here.

Just think, you could be on Mars right now. :smiley:

Yay, suffocating from lack of atmosphere :smiley:

Actually it’d be really cool to go to Mars, if only I could do it without having to leave everything here behind.

Yep. Because FUCK THAT SHIT.

I work outside as well… Mars would have been a nice, warm vacation in comparison.

I guess you guys are Cold as Ice.

(Admittedly, it’s not that much better down here.)

Hey, there’s an atmosphere! It’s…mostly carbon dioxide with a minuscule amount of oxygen. So it’s actually more of a diet atmosphere. :smiley:

It’s thin enough that I’d suffocate. Or depressurize. Or something like that. :V

So uhh, what happened to all that cold? Did it pull a Mr. Freeze and decide to Chill, or was Al Gore right all along?

Al Gore.

Traditionally this week of January runs about -30C. We’re looking at above freezing temperatures all week, with highs of +7C.

It’s fantastic. I’m gonna find a way to pollute more, so this happens more often.

\By the words of Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, global warming is just God huggin’ us closer.

Once you have felt your balls retreat upward once in your life, you no longer see anything higher than -25 C as terribly bothersome.

The fucking truth.

-40 isn’t too bad, actually.