SNES9XW Sound Issues

Ever since I reformated, for some reason, my emulator has been messing up in the sound department. For perfect playback, what settings do I need to change?

And don’t direct me to go get ZSNES. I hate it. And my sound issues with that thing was even worse.

So what things do I need to change in Sound? Can someone just list off their settings (with perfect sound!) so I can change it?

I have decent luck with Stereo 16bit 32 kHz, 20 ms mix interval, 40 ms buffer length, linear interpolation, Volume envelope height read and Echo effects. Note that I only use snes9x for about 2 or 3 games, none of which I would know what they actually sound like. Most sound issues I’ve noticed in snes emulation come from setting the sampling rate too high, which for some strange reason tends to garble the sound.

Thanks, that worked perfectly!

no prob. I’ve been making myself quite acquainted with most emulators lately.