SNES rpgs

could somebody suggest a good SNES rpg, i already have bahamuts lagoon,
live a live, and chrono trigger. please don’t say final fantasy or zelda or any variation of mite and magic(or similar first person rpgs). english plox.

By “don’t say Final Fantasy” you mean you’ve already played them, and not that you’re a retard, right?

Other than that, Secret of Evermore.

Didn’t someone make this thread like a month ago?

i wasn’t here a month ago, and yes i’ve played them.

Humm, some of my favorite for snes were: Breath of Fire, Dragon Quest V and Front Mission. Check them out

(Secret of Evermore is also pretty cool)

My favourite SNES RPG that isn’t Final Fantasy VI or Chrono Trigger is Illusion of Gaia. It has a simple but engaging combat system, and the story has a lot of original touches.

Secret of Mana is an excellent game. Secret of Evermore is…controversial.

Lufia 1 , Lufia 2, Dragon Quest VI, Super Mario RPG are other good games.

Make the order Lufia 2, Lufia 1. Uh, your guys hit the air when the monster you told them to hit has died since the beginning of the turn? It’s also slower, less puzzles.

Secret of Evermore is better than a lot of people make it out to be, but Secret of Mana is still far better even despite its relatively unfinished nature.

I’d actually recommend Dragon Quest V over VI, but you can buy that on DS now so get that instead.

Lufia 2 over Lufia 1, def. Not only is 2 a better game, it chronologically takes place before the events of the first game.

Also, Earthbound? Hello?

SoM was short, generic, thrown-together, and on a much smaller scale than SoE in almost every way. If you want a really basic, sword-and-spells, hp-and-mp type of game, it’s perfect. If you want something a little more developed, play the game that has a bad reputation for not being the sequel to it.

I went there.

Edit: I enthusiastically second SMRPG.

It wasn’t that it was thrown together that’s the problem with SoM. It’s that it was originally developed for the SNES CD add-on Nintendo was working on with Sony. When that was scrapped, Square had to cut it down to fit on a cartridge. Entire pieces of the game were lost, and its buggyness is probably a result.

It wasn’t thrown together, but it was cut down hastily. SoE, on the other hand, was developed for the regular SNES cartridge from the get-go. Granted that game is also kind of buggy but certainly it was more unique in its settings.

Also, Toaster Dog.

What was good about SoM is the music. I’ll be damned if that game doesn’t have some of the best tracks in the gaming world. A Curious Tale and the ice themes come to mind. SoE had some great ambiance though. I don’t think I’ve seen ambiance used that well before or since. That game got away with not really having music 95% of the time. It was genius.

Not to derail the initial conversation TOO much, but yeah. SoM had some excellent music. I even like the tracks a lot of people hate (It happened late one night) though mostly BECAUSE they annoy the crap out of people. Fond Memories, A Bell is Tolling, and The Dark Star are some of my favorites. I even dig Thanatos’ crazy creepy circus music.

SoE did have some excellent ambiance. It’s something I appreciate a lot more now than I did when I was a teenager. Though out of the Super Nintendo library I think Super Metroid does it better. The Arrival at Zebes, Upper Norfair, and the Wrecked Ship (and maybe Tourian) blew any ambiance from SoE out of the water. But we’re talking about RPGs here.

One note about Super Mario RPG. Yeah, it’s a pretty good RPG, if fairly simple. The music is good, and being the first Mario RPG it started the tradition of them all having a sort of self-deprecating sense of humor about the franchise. The only thing is, if you get it on the Virtual console, try and play it on an older TV. I’ve heard horror stories of people trying to play it on a HD TV with composite cables or whatever (that mostly go like 'Oh God Oh God My Eyes Are Bleeding). The pre-rendered graphics just haven’t aged well. But what pre-rendered graphics HAVE aged well?

Everyone else pretty much gave you the shebang. One other suggestion I can think of is Lagoon; it’s good, but I wouldn’t say it’s great or very long.

What? Lagoon is awful. Maybe playable with savestates but it has not held up well. And as far as sword and spell hack-n-slash, I go with Terranigma. Seiken (sp?) Densetsu 3 is pretty good too.

I beat Lagoon fairly easy; I don’t see why everyone else can’t. But now that I think of it, it was probably a bad idea to suggest it.

Breath of Fire and Breath of Fire II were good, though.

Take your pick.

lol, I’m sure if he wanted to he could’ve found a way bigger list on gamefaqs or something… I think he wanted us to narrow it down a little more.

Yeah, but I wanted to shamelessly plug the site :stuck_out_tongue: