Snes RPGs

Hello all, im new to RPG classics, and, well im kind of new to RPGs in general. I just recently played Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG, and loved them both. Now I was wondering (since you guys obviously know your stuff about RPGs), what other good RPGs are there for the super nintendo. [Specifically, the “turn-based” ones(Im not very good at Zelda)] Thank you in advance.

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Tales of Phantasia, Star Ocean, Illusion of Gaia, Breath of Fires, Earthbound, Ogre Battle, Secret of Mana, Secret of the Stars, Terranigma, Treasure Hunter G, Lufia and the Fortress of Doom, I don’t really like the second one but you might, so Lufia II also.

wow… thats alot. Lol I better get started

The SNES was really amongst the best systems ever for an RPG player to find. Listing only games that weren’t mentioned before, you’ve got <B>Final Fantasies IV, V, VI, and Mystic Quest, Dragon Quests I, I, III, V, and VI, Ys III, IV, and V, Romancing SaGa I, II, and III, Seiken Densetsu III, E.V.O., Tactics Ogre, 7th Saga, Bahamut Lagoon, various Fire Emblems and Front Missions, and <A HREF=“”>literally dozens of others</A></B>. Of course, language and region could become a problem on any of those games, but I’m sure there will be at least a few of those that you could play.

Also, regardless of what that other guy says, Lufia II is amongst the greatest games of all time. :smiley:

I’ve never seen somebody like the first Lufia better than the second.

Arabian Nights is also among the best (or at least among my favorites), but the translation is still pending. The games listed should be more than enough for you to play for now. Paladin’s Quest and Robotrek are both alright too (Although I tend to think Robotrek is better than Paladin’s Quest).

Why do people always say that? I loved the first Lufia way more than the second one, which I don’t think I ever even finished.

Sorc: Try comparing the two. Strictly speaking, Lufia II was a greatly improved version in just about every technical aspect. I still get what you mean though, Breath of Fire I & II are two of my favorite games ever, but I’ll be the first one to admit they are pretty awful.

Talking about Lufia ? Well i have to say i prefer much more Lufia II ^^; i didn’t stand the first Lufia at all --; … it bothered me a lot even if it was Manus who usued to play it i always prefered the Lufia II i liked the system =3; and Breath of Fire wasn’t bad …just some parts were pretty annoying…

My favourite Snes games were really FFVI, Tales of Phantasia (<3 totally ), Seiken Desentsu 3 and FFV (even thinking that i don’t enjoy playing it now ~ ~; )

Terranigma for sure, you may as well emulate for that.

Thank you all for the game ideas. Now i am just wating for my SNES to USB Adapter, once that comes i’ll be in heaven.

Who cares about graphics, the story is what matters. And Lufia’s story was good and the fact that Lufia was Erim was like OMG WTF THAT IS LIKE THE BIGGEST SURPRISE EVERRR! But then Lufia II was pretty much emotional pansies in a love triangle who were trying to save the world at the time.

Some of us can appreciate some emotion…

of all games I played on the Snes I remember lufia 2 best. it rocks

I know some of these have been mentioned, but these are my favorites (in alphabetical order): 7th Saga, Bahamut Lagoon, Dragon Quest V, Earthbound, EVO: Search for Eden, Front Mission, Live a Live, and Star Ocean.

Belmont: You just joined and already have more posts than me. I don’t like you. Just kidding, I’m not very active on the boards, I’m a shriner… yes, I know I haven’t even finished one yet, but…

My favourites are Final Fantasy III/VI, Chrono Trigger, Illusion of Gaia, and Earthbound. If you like RPGs that have a lot of puzzles, try Lufia or Brain Lord. If you like strategy games, try Ogre Battle.