SNES Games

Ok, I recently bought a Super Nintendo and there’s a serious shortage in games. Does anybody know of any good little tips on where to get games? Pawn shops are a no and Salvation Army/Goodwill are also coming up short. I’m thinking garage sales or something. Any other ideas? Ebay is valid, but I don’t really like that idea.

It’s getting tough, since EB stopped selling them when they merged with Gamestop. Look around for privately owned game stores in your area, that will, unfortunately, be you best bet… aside from eBay.

Romna-- wait, buy them? Shit, I don’t know. I think I get some when my cousin gets shipped out with the marines, if you’d be interested in Metal Gear, a couple Megaman games, NARC (ba-haha Reagon-ality), and a boatload of pure crap. Let me see what’s SNES and NES, and actually wait until he leaves, though.

In my area, there’s a Vintage Stock, and a GameXchange, both sell SNES games. Like Sat said, look around for a local game store in your area, even ask the guys at GameStop/EB if they know of some place. Good luck! (Alteratively, you could head over to and do some trading/buying there)

Well see, I live in Columbus, Ga. It’s not really a big city. I know of a place in Atlanta that sells SNES games, but that’s a 2 hour drive and I don’t have a drivers license. So I don’t wanna risk going on the highway just to get pulled over and go to jail.

But when I do get my license I’ll fo sho go to that store.

And I did ask the guys at Gamestop/EB and they had no idea. Like I said, I’ve looked into every possible place except a garage sale. I don’t have a subscription to the local newspaper so I can’t really check on that. But I guess I can wait til I go to Atlanta again.

I’m surprised Columbs/Phenix City don’t have any local game shops. You might be able to find one in the phone book (which then means you actually have to find the phone book). I guess it would still be hard since you can’t drive.

Or he could find the phone book online and ask to have the games shipped.

I know. Although, I haven’t really checked out Phenix City considering I’ve never been there except to buy beer and pick up this one girl that one time.

And it’s not like I don’t drive anyway… but I’m not gonna go to Phenix City solo til I get a license. Getting caught in another state with no license would be no fun.