SMS fans of the world unite


I never thought I’d find a site like this, dedicated to what was probably the most under-rated system with the best games ever… Wonderboy 3… Phantasy Star… Alex Kidd… Operation Wolf… The Ninja… The Lucky Dime Caper… the list is endless :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sega Master System forever!!!

THAT WEBSITE IS MY NEW GOD! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Me like!
Thats one for my favourites

Okay, when clicking on “Ghouls and Ghosts” I see this:

From: lOVES MY SIS (more)
Comments: My little 12 year old sister used to pull down her pants and flash her panty covered ass at me while I played this game. Therefore this most be the only video game I ever played with a Hard-On.”

Disturbing. o_o

That IS very disturbing. Most of the comments are made by immature little jackasses.

unfortunately, yes, that is a problem with the site… they should’ve just made the reviews e-mail submissions :wink:

Probably would have been a good idea. Or at least regularly scan the comments.

I’m strongly biased against Sega, but I make exceptions for Master System. It was plainly the first system I played. I knew SMS even before I knew Atari.

Thanks for the tip, Neb.

Personally, I like SMS Power better.

With the exception of Phantasy Star (see PSO), it’s a shame none of those games ever got proper re-makes- I mean, imagine Wonderboy 3 re-made in an Ocarina of Time like engine for the Dreamcast or the GCN… I honestly think that would rule so much it’s unbeliveable :smiley: :smiley:

And Alex Kidd is long overdue a comeback :wink:

SMS was a huge under-rated system. My father and uncle used to sit playing Phantasy Star at hours on end and make numberous calls for help. They claim that they used to face my highchair towards the TV so that I could watch them play. I remember very little of it, but for some reason, before I played it for myself in 95, I remembered those dungeons and how they were in FPV. Strange what you remember when you were two or three.

Long live the Master System! (and bring some more Ys games to us).

The first game I ever remember playing was Alex kidd on the SMS.

Originally posted by Urkani
The first game I ever remember playing was Alex kidd on the SMS.

Me too. I also loved those games with the pistol and that pac-man clone with some things that looked like space ships.

The light-gun games were some of the best ever :smiley: Operation wolf… now THERE was a classic :o

Yeah. And that gangsta one too =) That one where you could shot their ghosts after you shot the guys to death.

I personally didn’t care that much for the SMS. Sure, it had a ton of great games, but since Sega is primarily staffed with pot-smoking Japanese hippies, their games turned out even more bizzare and unworldly than the ones on the NES.