Smash Bros!

Apparently they’re giving out demo codes to people who reached platinum level on, and while I did not get one (yet) I have been reading up on the game, especially the music, as their Megaman 2 remix knocks my socks off.

If you buy both the 3DS and WiiU version, apparently they’ll send you the soundtrack, which I thought was a cool thing.

Anyone else stoked for it?

Also Kenji Ito made tracks what the fu

They get higher-profile freelance composers to write and arrange shit for Smash Bros all the time. Noriyuki Iwadare (Lunar, Grandia, Ace Attorney, Radiata Stories, etc.) has also been doing Smash Bros stuff for a while. I just wish I liked Smash Bros, el oh el.

[QUOTE=Zero]as their Megaman 2 remix knocks my socks off./QUOTE]

So much this. That may be the best Wily remix I’ve ever heard.

I’m stoked since they’ve got a better spread of quality soundtracks like Xenoblade Chronicles and Fire Emblem Awakening.

Also, any game that can let me pit Mario, Sonic, Pac-Man, and Mega Man against each other in a single match is amazing.

Also also, I’ve heard that Duck Hunt’s Duck Hunt Dog is in this and is basically to the Zapper games as ROB is to the ROB games.

my loins are warm and wanting, wii u is trill

It’s genuinely funny seeing Sakurai and Nintendo giving Megaman more love than Capcom has in… Jesus, how many years now?

The funny part? I don’t even know if Capcom can afford to make a Mega Man now, even if they can afford to sue Koei for downloadable content.

Not like they would. Not unless its yet another XOver iOS tier PoS.

That said, I think the best part is that fanbase, generally speaking, just wants Capcom to sell the IP to Nintendo and be done with it.

It’d be like Christmas if they did.

Also since the game is out, it’s quite fun so far, but I am hardly hardcore at it. I’m creeping up slowly to higher difficulties as I get the hang of things again and unlocking characters, and I could fight to this song pretty much forever. I am finding Megaman kind of unwieldy to use which makes me sad, but I’ll keep trying.

He deserves that I keep trying, and unlock his custom moves to see what else he got.

I’ve been running Megaman for a while now, and actually, I kinda like using him. First off is that, yes, the Charge Shot is going to be your main weapon with Megaman. Its a Forward Smash attack with incredible range and power for a Forward Smash attack. Even the Half Charge Shot is plenty powerful and it still has better range than most Forward Smashes even if its not nearly as far reaching as a Full Charge. After that, Rock’s Top Spin and Slide attacks are solid in allowing him to keep moving while damaging opponents on the side, great for dealing with opponents who keep trying to get all up in his grill. His base Saving Move Rush Coil is actually really good at keeping him alive. His Down Smash Burn Pillar (or is it Flame Shot) has great coverage of the Blue Bomber’s sides and solid damage and his Forward Aerial Flame Sword also has good coverage and does okay damage. And his default Forward Special Crash Bombs have more range than any of Mega’s other moves.

That said, his Neutral Special Metal Blade’s damage is middling at best and doesn’t even have the reach that Crash Bombs have (plus they can get stuck in a wall and thrown back at him). His base Down Special Leaf Shield discharges with any attack other than his Guts Throw. Crash Bombs are limited to one at a time and his Up Aerial Air Shot doesn’t do any damage. His Down Aerial Hard Knuckle has terrible coverage and is hard to score the Meteor Smash effect.

Here’s a list of Megaman’s alternate abilities that I’ve collected thus far. (EDIT: Collected them all, see below.)

Neutral Special:

  • Metal Blade: Good range, goes through enemies, and can be fired in 8 directions. Poor damage and can be retrieved by enemies and used against you.
  • Hyper Bomb: Okay range, tosses a bomb at an arc and does the most damage out of all the Neutral options and even causes opponents to flinch. Probably the best option.
  • Shadow Blade: Low range but will return to you after firing, goes through enemies, and can be fired in 8 directions. Poor damage per hit but you have a chance of hitting twice with it and it can’t’ get stuck.

Forward Special:

  • Crash Bomb: Great range and will latch onto walls and an opponent struck by it and detonate after a while. Can only have one at a time, like a Sticky Bomb it can be passed to other players upon contact or guarded against with a well timed block.
  • Ice Slasher: Low range. Can strike multiple opponents and can freeze an opponent struck by it when at a high percentage.
  • Bubble Wrap: Curves upward at a steep angle, if caught by it at the right angle an opponent will take multiple hits. Probably Rockman’s best anti-air move. However it has almost no horizontal range and if not hit at the right angle won’t do much damage.

Up Special:

  • Rush Coil: Like Sonic’s Springboard, gains great vertical height and can allow you to act after using it. Does no damage on its own and can’t be used while Rush remains on the field (others can use it but this is essentially a non-factor).
  • Tornado Hold: Haven’t used it yet, but seems like it trades recovery height for dealing damage.
  • Beat: Fantastic recovery. Can’t attack or act but who gives a damn when you’re gaining air like Pit, Kirby or Duck Hunt Dog.

Down Special:

  • Leaf Shield: Summons four leaves to surround you, okay range when launched and can score okay damage if all four leaves strike. Can’t act without launching, no flinching power to actually shield you, anything that strikes a leaf will cause it to disappear.
  • Skull Barrier: Summons four skulls that causes projectile deflection. Disappears almost as rapidly as Plant Barrier and thus not that good for attacking but at least the deflection gimmick can be useful.
  • Plant Barrier: Summons four petals that don’t disappear upon contact with opponents or projectiles. Very short duration time and thus range and damage potential, more of a defensive tool than an attack option (and frankly, isn’t active long enough to be worth it over the Leaf Shield).