Small questions 'bout Gunbound...

First off, when you’re selecting a tank, does anyone know what that greyed-out one next ot the Randomizer is, and how to get it?

Also, I was told that there’s two special tanks that you might get when yiu use the randomizer…can I get some info on them? should answer your question about the dragon and knight/unicorn. As far as I know there is no way to get the grayed tank. Also, I think Im one of the few thats still playing.

True. Gunbound got old fast. Way too fast.
Its not difficult to know where I am now =3

It didn’t get old, the school year got new. I don’t know about everybody else, but i’m too busy doing work/complaining about doing work to be playing Gunbound.

  1. It’s not available in the current versino of gunbound. In future versions, it may be available.

  2. You have a 1% chance of getting the dragon, which has mcuh better move abilities than most other tanks (It can climb steeper hills). It’s also the most powerful tank. The Knight is exactly like the (I forget what it’s called, it’s the one with the laser hovering over your head). Except it’s more powerful, and has more health, and doesn’t have shields. I believe you have a 4% chance of getting it.

Originally posted by Xelopheris
The Knight is exactly like the (I forget what it’s called, it’s the one with the laser hovering over your head)

A. Sate. It’s a a freaking awesome bot if used right.

Well duh. Combined with the laser force thingy you can bunge a guy with the Super Shot or a Double #2 in one turn.

People have given up already? I still play it.

I got turned on to it semi-recently, and I love it.

And BTW, school aside, I have metric assload of free time. :hahaha;

Yeah it’s fun, and I got the dragon 2 games in a row and got a double-kill out of the first game. I’ve yet to get the knight so I actually think it has a lower percentage.

I still play GB kthnx. Oh, I’ve gotten knight.

I’ve been too busy.

I suppose I’ll have to reinstall it soon.

I’m still a Gunbounder as well.

How many of you guys would buy Gunbound if it got a commercial release? Assume a general polishing, better translation, a few more features, and stuff.

Thanks for the NEcropost.

But I’m still playing, usually when Weiila isn’t on, since I can’t get her into it. She doens’t have a lot of free time…

Right now I’m a Metal Axe in the vincinity of 2500, and I’m working on getting a Golden Hammer.