Small La Pucelle help

Alright I’m in chapter 6 (I think is 6) A Dance in the Sky,and I want to know:What is the most effective way to kill those box monsters?,they have an insane defense and resistance (Come on more than 300 def your kidding me) because they’re giving me to many problems.

Thanks in advance.

This pretty much goes for every monster in the game:

Cast Braveheart on Prier as many times as you can (up to 5x per round), and use her special skills (coup de grace on up depending on how strong the monster is, you’ll have to experiment a little).

How do i learn Braveheart,since i still don’t got it.

It is an aid spell. I don’t remember exactly how many elements it takes to get it but I beleive it is 8. In other words, equip a character, preferrably all characters, with four Aid Staves or two Aid rods. Then cast the spell enough times to make it level 1. Then you don’t need the Aid weapons to cast the spell anymore.