Slooooowwwwwww (Computer Help thread)

Okay, so after about ten minutes of playing any game, be it emulator or genuine, suddenly the PC will start to experience horrendous slowdown and.or lagging for no apparent reason. I’ve defragged and virus-scanned it, and neither helped, so… any ideas? :\

Off the top of my head I’d say that what’s probably happening is that your ram fills up and the system starts using the swap file (which is slower). Does it happen with every single game or just a few? Also, how much ram do you have.

Every single game, but it takes about ten minutes, before which they run fine.

And I have 512MB of RAM.

How many processes do you have running on background?

Processes 37:

CPU usage: 5%

Commit Charge: 232M/1250M

Hm… Are you emulating PS2 or Gamecube?

Neither. PSX and GBA are the usual ones. Genesis and CPS2 a little less often.

What is your antivirus?

Norton AntiVirus 2003.

When the slow starts, go CTRL+ALT+DEL, then go check which processes are consuming the most % of your CPU usage. You’ll be able to pinpoint the misbehaving program(s).

Yeah, the one that consumes all the CPU power is the emulators themselves, which is weird because this didn’t start happening until about a week ago. :\

EDIT: DS, is there anything I can do about said swap file? I checked with a friend, he said sometimes it can grow to huge sizes. Seems like that might be doing it?

Well the main problem with having a very large swap file is that it wastes hard drive space, but that’s unrelated to your problem. Try to think if you’ve installed anything recently, a game, a program, an application, anything at all.

The reason I’m asking is that it might have somehow messed up your registry and is causing the leak. I know it sounds unlikely, but it happens and it’s the most logical cause I can think of.

I’ve installed several things revently, actually. :\ How would I go about checking for errors in the registry?

Checking for errors in the registry can be a monumental task. Could you give me a list of the programs you installed? You can PM it to me if you want.

You could also try running a program like <a href=“”>RegClean</a>. It’s very barebones, but it catches some of the more common registry errors (I guess). I run it once every few weeks.

I’m running RegClean and some Spyware programs. So far there’s a few dozen hundred problems with it. :\

DS, I’ll PM you if this doesn’t work.

spyware blows. A word of advice: don’t go to that manga site GG Crono 4 mentioned in the hentai topic. It gives some rather nasty (and fucking persistant) spyware/malware.

…Advice taken.

Well, RegClean and SpyDoctor did nothing to help. :\

On that note, does anybody know someone that codes this shit? I would like to meet a few of these guys fist to face.