That’s the most awesome piece of Slime paraphenalia I’ve ever seen! Even if it would be a clunky controller, I MUST POSSESS IT!!!

A Slime draws near, command?

(damn, back when all those smileys were being added I should have recommended a Slime one, I’m ashamed)

Aww, it’s cute. ^.^

It’s almost like using an X-Box controller (Not the Type-S)

/me breaks one with a copper sword to see if there’s a piece of gold inside >XD


Hehe. Imagine if you got so frustrated with a game you accidentally broke said controller via a high-speed impact with a wall.

“Thou hast done well in defeating the Metal Slimetroller!”


That looks cool :3 I still need to get all the DW/Q games… Especially Dragon Quarter.

Yikes … that’s, like, almost totally ridiculous. :smiley:

I’m gonna buy one and tap it to my head then walk around then those british cops will bat me with a stick cause they got anger issues ;_;.

Must. Have. Now.

That controller is the shit!

Will I have to order it, or will there be one released stateside


Japan gets all the cool stuff! :bowser:

I hated those!

Dragon Quarter is a Breath of Fire game… but you should get it anyway. It’s so cheap that it’s a crime not to buy it!

On topic, that controller is quite nifty! However, how much hope do we have of having either the game or the controller released in the western world?

Probably less than nothing, times the square of a slightly smaller amount of nothing.

gaaah thats so cool! I’ll buy five. :3
coarse fenris will proubly see them and cast inferno on all of them. ;_;

Dragon Warrior is my favorite game series.

Must have.

Hahaha, whoops. Sorry. Is it common enough that I could go to the local (Brand new, also ^.~ I can’t get over having a gaming store on this side of town ; p) EBGames and buy it? I’ve got this week off of school… So that’d work out nice.

You should still be able to find a new copy of Dragon Quarter without too much difficulty at your local game shop.

On topic again… how comfortable do you think that controller is?

Well it’s different I’ll give you that. It looks somewhat uncomfortable.