Sleep sex?

Just in case any of you ever need an excuse :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw this thing on discovery channel awhile back, about a man who killed his mother-in-law in his sleep. =\

Yes, of course. :ah-ha!:

I had heard of this case before, talk about deep dreaming. I’m not sure how this works however. How could she be conscious enough to use protection, let alone find the men? (Not that she would have had trouble finding a willing partner, but I doubt she could have just slammed them on the street)

(…)In some people, it can be genetic or in others it is triggered by alcohol or stress(…)

A lot of chicks are fucked while they are in a deep drunkness, that doesn’t make them special.

JK. But I still don’t fully believe the article, specially because I have the same point of view as Seraph.

It’s actually a very real disorder. There was an episode of CSI on it, where this woman had set her house up for her to bump into things trying to wake her up. Didn’t work, and she ended up killing someone. I think it has something to do with the REM cycle or something.

I’m not buying into the idea that it’s totally an innocent act. :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you mean innocent? Innocent in that she actually did this while being wide awake?

I’m not arguing whether it’s real or not, I’m just very confused about the degree of consciousness involved.

I used to sleep walk all the time… it’s sort of like watching a movie. You see things from a far back perspective and your eyes are very slightly open, but you have very very very little to no control over what you do.

Yes, and CSI is reality! All things considered, I think I’ll just stick to talking in my sleep.

My that is a wierd concpet, having sex with someone while you are asleep. But it makes sense, I guess.

I’ll stick to sleeping in my bed. If there’s something to corroborate this, I’ll believe it some more.

I’ve said a lot of weird things in my sleep, especially if I fall asleep during the day, but to the best of my knowledge I have yet to sleep walk, let alone have sex.

I remember that episode, she didnt kill the person. she found the body, and tried to help the person.

well I have had sex in my sleep.

one time, when I was really drunk me and my now ex-g/f decided (well she decided) to still have sex even tho I was constantly dropping my eyelids… so we got to it… but after a while I fell asleep… but she kept going (she was on top and didn’t notice, i think/hope) but suddenly it slipped out… and ouch… It hurt so much I woke up being totally confused what happened… but boy did that hurt

that must of hurt :stuck_out_tongue: