wtf. I can’t believe I actually enjoy this. I wish I had found it when I was like 14-15 or so, though; it’s funny to me now, but I think it would have been more hilarious to me when I was younger.

Anyways, I just finished watching the first season with my girlfriend, and we found all three seasons at for 12 bucks a piece, and bought them. Anyone else have any opinions? Anyone else interested in the new fourth and fifth seasons coming out?

Slayers is a classic, and getting the individual seasons for that price is a bargain.

Though I’m not as fond of the third season as I am the first two. Slayers Try is ok, but it’s ‘just’ ok while the other two seasons are great.

I saw most of the fourth season, never saw the fifth (and really, calling them two separate seasons is kind of a load, they are essentially one season split into two 13-episode parts). While I didn’t dislike what I saw, I really think the lengthy time away from the series did it a disservice. Though they got all the voice actors back it still didn’t really feel like the same series. There was just something about it that felt kind of uncanny…

But anyway, get to watching that second season! If you enjoyed the climax to Slayers, the climax to Slayers Next blows it out of the water.

Heh…well to be honest, I mostly enjoy the series for its humour. My favorite episodes tended to be the ones at the very beginning of the story arcs, like the first episode, or the episodes just after the Shabranigdo arc, because they just focused on putting Lina and Gourry in funny situations. The actual plotline is kind of lame, but not enough so to detract from how funny it is, imo. Still, I’m excited to check them out, as well as the new fourth and fifth seasons (provided I like the next two).

You’ll love Next then, 90% of the thing is dedicated to the cast getting sidetracked by some supremely idotic scheme they somehow get involved in. Also, it introduces everyone’s favorite character.

Yup. Martina.


Next was by far the best part of the series. I felt the first series had too many badly-done serious moments, and Try was just a waste of time.

Oh, and once you finish watching Next, check out Hamlet as put on by the Slayers characters:

After finishing Next, I kind of feel like it had even worse ‘serious moments’ than the first, thanks to Martina. Still, I don’t really watch it for those, so I’m not too fazed by it.

By the way, I also watched the first movie…Are they all like that? Like, stereotypical wacky zany anime?

I just finished the first three seasons this past week. I really liked them, because they had just enough plot that I wasn’t entirely bored, but not too much plot that I actually had to think about it. It was a perfect series to just veg and watch after working two weeks nonstop on a couple of problem sets.

Yeah, the movies are all wacky and almost all of them are just Lina and Naga. Some are much better than others (I really liked Slayers Return and Slayers Gorgeous, and hated Slayers Great).

If you’re all interested, FUNimation has started an online stream (free and legal!) of Slayers Revolution.

The first four episodes are up, currently.

I gotta admit, I’m liking this free online streaming trend that these companies are using lately.

I checked out the beginning of the first episode just to make sure it didn’t suck as bad as Slayers TRY (which I just finished watching…TERRIBLE stuff). Still, I’m not interested in watching it until there’s an English dub on the internet. Still waiting for a release date on them DVDs.

So yeah. Slayers TRY. What the hell. This sucked for a number of reasons (the weird filler in the middle being part of it, but the super sentai episode was probably the least annoying one), but let me explain two of them:

  1. In the very first episode of Slayers, Lina makes a quip to one of the bandits about “stock dialogue”, setting the precedent that Slayers won’t be your average anime, and will likely poke fun at stuff like that. And, well, it did; that’s exactly why I like it.

Slayers TRY seems to throw that all out the window and go “Yeah, we actually love this corny crap!” Most of the time, the reason I don’t watch anime is because it feels like I’m playing a very standard JRPG with no gameplay. So, I try to watch anime that doesn’t give me that feeling, and Slayers succeeded. Slayers NEXT succeeded. Even what I’ve seen of the Slayers movies - though I haven’t enjoyed them that much - have succeeded. Slayers TRY embraced exactly what I don’t like.

  1. Filia. It’s not so much that she’s “annoying”, per se. In fact, I think it’s funny when people don’t like a character in an anime “because he/she’s annoying.” Lina Inverse is really annoying, but that’s what’s so fun and interesting about her!

What bothers me about Filia is that she’s annoying in a completely different, unintentional way: in the beginning of Slayers TRY, we see Lina and co. try to act the way they always did in the first two seasons, i.e what made the first two seasons so good. Filia, however, got on everyone’s case and virtually stopped everyone from being so nonchalant about their quest. She basically prevented Lina and co. from being fun.

Now, THAT is a kind of annoying I don’t like - she was annoying in a way that was likely unintentional.

Oh well…I still have the last three movies (Great, Gorgeous, Premium) and the second set of OVAs (Slayers Excellent) to watch. I haven’t really enjoyed the movies so far, but I really enjoyed the Book of Spells OVA, so I’m looking forward to Slayers Excellent. My girlfriend has watched Slayers Premium before and says it’s really good, but I’ll withhold making expectations of it.

In spite of Slayers TRY being horrible, though, I’m still looking forward to the next season. Here’s hoping it gets released soon.

Most of the movies are good.
The only one I don’t like is Premium, because it’s pretty much a filler movie for the series instead of a stand-alone story of what Lina was up to when she was travelling with Naga.

Excellent is really good too.

The new season wasn’t that good.

It… was a rehash of season one, but flipped. You’ll know what I mean when you see it.

If you enjoy Slayers for the gang’s antics, you’ll still like it. If you enjoy it for plot you’ll really feel ripped off.

And Pokota was far more annoying than Filia ever could have been. On the flipside, Wizer, the other guest character was very good, and saved the first half the series.

I think the antics are what makes it much cooler than other animes.

In that case you should be in for a treat. There were some priceless moments in this series.