Skankin' Garbage are you there?

I just realized a few days ago that RPGC actually has a CONTENT page for SaGa Maniac, which may be related to why there’s still no content there (as in, nobody knows it’s there). Would it be against RPGC policy if I sent in SPC archives for the Romancing SaGa games? You can find them elsewhere on the net, but it’d be nice to make them right at hand for the SaGa fans. SPC being the actual sound files from the SNES carts.

That wouldn’t be bad, actually :smiley:

There is supposed to be content for SaGa Maniac, but a lot of stuff has been lost. All that remains is a lot of Art scanned straight from some guidebooks. Unfortunately, that would be a daunting task for me to create the pages for all that stuff, let alone just not having the time. It would be different if that stuff wasn’t particularly easy to find on the inner net, but it is. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still. Maybe once I get back from my Spring Break in about 3 weeks, this would be a good way to start. In other words, small. :stuck_out_tongue: There’s no excuse I could have for there to be no content. Lol…it’s funny how inspiring this is :stuck_out_tongue: Still, inspiration is inspiration. Thanks :smiley: Just e-mail em to me, :smiley: