Six Feet Under

Does anybody here watch it? It comes on HBO…

Anyway, I’d like to talk about the most recent episode, if anybody watches it.

I absolutely adore it. :smiley:

But then I don’t know what your most recent episode is. <_< I’m currently at episode 35 or something.

EDIT: Ok never mind 42 seems to be the latest :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I don’t keep count. I was just wondering what this means:

When Lisa calls Nate on the phone in his dream, what she meant by “The number three doesn’t matter”. It’s got me kinda baffled. I watched the series when it started, I watched the first season, and I kinda stopped, so I’m trying to get back into it, and that’s pretty easy because it’s a cool show, but I have no idea what this could mean.

I’ll tell you in 6 weeks :stuck_out_tongue:


Six Feet Under is such a sweet band!

Cut me I bleed no blood
stab my skin, out runs the pus
try to kill what’s already dead
A dead corpse living rotten
Resting dead - now I rise
from the grave, my flesh is decayed!

Well I didn’t really get into it until halfway through the second series, but now I fucking LOVE IT.

We’re about to get the new series over here within a matter of weeks (Series 4), I can’t wait for it.

I watched the first two (thanks sorc) <strike>series</strike> seasons (which were awesome) and then I just… lost interest. I dunno why.

They’re called seasons, not series o.O

great series, actually the only series i’m watching (don’t watch much tv…)

my sister (who is an undertaker in training) conviced me to watch it

but where i live it’s still by episode 12 or something like that