Sites, I need lots of sites.

I finally found a Cyber Cafe ran by a guy who lets me download and cd-burn Anime. Now I need sites to download it from, and lot’s of 'em since I’m reluctant to use Kazaa and other stuff (He won’t let me).

Since you speak Spanish this should be easy to understand:

Thanks. I still need more though. MORE, GIMME GIMME GIMME!

  • Gets shot for doing a horrible A-Teen quote. *

I would give you links, but then the big bad moderation troll would come and use his big bad edit hammer and smack a lock on the thread.

Just find yourself a fansubbing group and visit their irc channel.

I’m still trying to figure how come he allows you to burn CD’s and still doesn’t let you use Kazaa, you know.

Sorry, I didn’t know this was forbidden too.

And Ren, if I had to fix a machine 7 times because some stupid kids keep downloading viruses from file-sharing programs, I would be reluctant too.

It’s not forbidden. Go right ahead.

I had imagined it would be, since it’s illegal on all forums I visit.

Anyway: Does he allow you to use IRC?

If you know about anything spesific; I’ll see if I have it, and put it on my ftpserver.

i’d love to help you, but i use kazaa for my media-related needs…