Sinistral's Hair Thread

I’d just like to express how much your hair kicks fucking ass. Your new avatar looks like a combination of Alucard and Spike Spiegel. I’m impressed, and I think everyone should worship your hair.

I wanna be just like you when I get older.

I still say it’s a merge between Alucard and a new age retro hippie, but yeah, it’s hot. o.o :smiley:

EDIT:I have proof!
<img src=“”></img> + <img src=“”></img> = <img src=“”>
See? SEE?

But… but…!

The Nose!

The Mouth!

Clearly he has Spike’s features!

<img src=“”>


Oh YEAH? Well, if you go for the chin and nose, you could also say THIS:

<img src=“” height=350 width=250></img> plus <img src=“”</img> for the glasses.

Not that I would ever cross nicole kidman with bill gates.

I hope you’re not implying Gates’ glasses are anywhere near as cool as Alucard’s >:(

No, but they’re both evil and have glasses.

Man,he does look like Alucard (Sin not Gates)

lol. Aww, you get a thread devoted to your hair. You should be doing the big smiley face about now ;D

Alucaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard… @_____@ Just doing my duty.

Wait, he <i>does</i> look like Alucard! Woo! Haha! That’s so cool…

@_@ Gaaaaaaaah


I’d have to agree, his hair is pretty cool.

Lestat is just as cool as alucard*… right? ;.;

*charle was told he looks like lestat, see last ish. -dave

Like I said before in the pic thread, Sin looks insanely different in each picture that gets posted here. I’ve seen like 5 so far including his avatars and if you wouldn’t have told me it was the same guy, I wouldn’t have known. Crazy.


Sin, your hair is very pretty, it’s almost sacred, in fact it is. That means it to sacred for the likes of us to talk about.

/me worships Sin’s hair.

We will make a statue of you to put next to Merls…

looks at Merl’s decaying, moldy statue since it was made out of cheese

of course it will be smaller and made out of something different since cheese isn’t that great.

I’m a fangirl - it would be against my holy codex to say anyone can compete with Alucard. But I think I can make an exception for another vampire. >_> Yeees, Lestat is pretty damn awesome, too.