*sings* "O~o~objection!"

Oh, this is one of those “You have GOT to get a load of this” things.

Nope, not posting any more of me singing into that crappy microphone, this is something completely different.

Granted, I haven’t played any of the games, but I have some basic knowledge of the series…

That said, sometimes, crazy fans are scary as hell. Other times, crazy fans come together and write surprisingly good music for their own Phoenix Wright musical.

Wait what?

You can download some of the songs for free here. I’ll let you who know the characters comment on the singers suitability for the characters :smiley:

Fuck those guys. I got the part for Phoenix Wright, and then, since I sung with proper technique for a musical (That is to say, usually loud and dramatic), they tried to give the part of Phoenix to someone else, and make me play Larry. Or at least, that was the plan, I found out. They wanted me to ‘get back to the project head’, and I mailed him/her and tried to contact him/her on AIM and Teamspeak since like December, with no response at all. Those guys can suck it for all I care.

oh my gosh please post the demo you did, sg

Aww, sorry to hear that SG. That really does suck :frowning: Do you have a demo or something you could post, like Kaseli said?

You could always try doing your own version, sg.

Yeah who needs them

We’ll compose our own music and write our own script >:(

Yeah. We’ll go produce our own Phoenix Wright musical. With blackjack. And hookers. In fact, forget the musical. And the blackjack. Eh screw the whole thing.

Uh… so, I just sort of stumbled upon this thread…

First of all, as a member of the musical project, it’s nice to see that people know about us!

Second… SG, seriously, if you want the part, get back in the game and record some stuff–none of the casting is final. As far as most people know, you just vanished (must be some poor communication in the higher-ups.) But really now, acting like that? I’d like to see you come back to the thread and blow some people away.

(For reference, singing “loud and dramatic” is not always proper technique for a musical. :stuck_out_tongue: From what I heard, you tended to overact a bit.)

Also, if anyone is interested, here’s a montage of most of the finished demos to hear what we have thusfar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mrb3hlAlts

Anyway… If this thread is still active, it’d be cool to hear what people other than those at the Musical thread on the PW forum have to say about the project.

…and sorry if I seemed kind of stand-offish–I literally stumbled on this thread when I was searching google for any outside references of the PW Musical. Please don’t think I came here to attack anyone.

I have a question for you Actorman: what was the inspiration for creating such a project?

Well, I wasn’t around for the musical’s inception, I came into it about a month after it was established. But basically, I guess it was why any other musical based on a movie/book/etc. is created–to embrace what made the medium that it is based on so good!

Haha, I guess in a way it’s just like a piece of fanfiction (although… I wish I didn’t have to associate the two). Just a creative outlet to further extend the fandom.

So, there’ll be people mutely saying OBJECTION! with big red letters and waving fingers so big, they seem to have come out of Alex Kidd?

Well… yes, except not mutely anymore. And maybe in song?

([STRIKE]and dance[/STRIKE])

I understand that to most people, I just vanished; however, I had been devoting more free time than I probably should into contacting Ethed from about late January to mid March. The main reason I ‘vanished’ was because I didn’t want to discuss the idea of changing my role with anyone but Ethed; however, now it feels like I’ve shot myself in the foot by making that choice.

You’re probably still right - I’m overreacting. I still feel hurt that I had to DISCOVER what plans the rest of the cast had for me, and that Ethed has made no effort to get back to me. Maybe I’ll jump back in soon.

By the way, you’re excellent, Actorman. Good luck with your part.