Since time is short these days...

I wanted to let all the people I discussed this matter with that I finally made the course change I had been planning. To hell with environmental engineering! This year, I’m starting psychology!

The college itself is an odd place, to say the least. There are truckloads of girls, lots of insane people, and the first week is being spent with weird games for the newcomers. So far, all I’ve seen is a few teachers, and lots of colleagues wearing orange plastic chamberpots on their heads and singing really weird stuff. The real work will only begin next week, but so far it looks like I’ll be having Mondays off for this semester. Well, that’s about it for now. As for my worthless home connection, it’s STILL down, but I hope that will change before I go postal on my computer.

Congratz! I…ok I didn’t know a thing about this but still, congratz! I think…

Psychology. <3 Learn to hate Freud and you’ll be all set.

Psychology is a joke of a science.

Congrats Manus!

I’m already hating it and I just have the High School stuff.

I hope you enjoy psychology Manus. I only took one required class in college and it was more of a statistics/anatomy class than pschology but it was pretty interesting.

I also hope you get a steady connection so we can continue your RP.

Manus is now a member of a secret society which plans to destroy Earth so nobody will ever know the greatest quuestion about life, the universe and everything else. For if such a discovery is made, he’ll be jobless.

even my uberpsych-major friend calls psychology shamanism.

Good for you.
Philosophy owns psychology.

I hope your studies will go well, Manus :slight_smile:

I’ll ruin it for you. The answer to life is 42.

But congrats. Have fun and luck in studies.

I thought the secret of life was cheese. Dammit, I can never remember where I got that from!

Good choice Manus, psychology is a much better choice than that engineering thing.

It is still a laugh really. My mates have never got past their joke that it is all about being able to read people’s minds.

Heh. I think I might hang around a bit with philosophy a bit over the next few years …

You’re too young to even know :stuck_out_tongue:

And Merlin: AWESOME :smiley:

Good luck Manus…

Just don’t try to be like a counsoler I have. She’s a bitch and I have to attend 7 more meetings with her >.< Ontop of that, I think she’s beginning to realize how crazy I am because just today she wanted to send me to a real pyschairtis… I guess I scared her today…


The purpose of your shrink and the people in her profession is to use bullshit arm chair thinking ideology to sedate you and have you conform to their belief of the norm.

way to totally rip off Jing, Manus.

I suddenly have a craving to become one of these people.


I’ve never really took Psychology seriously, but hey, GL HF.