Since this falls under the Anime category..

… does anyone know, if and where, you could order or find Blue Seed OSTs non-bootleg versions? And, of the first three OSTs which include the atcual background music from the series…

What’s an OST?

… is… there… no… hope… ?

Official sound tracks.

Why not just enter “Blue Seed Soundtrack” in the search engine? That’s how I find info on the anime soundtracks I have.

EDIT: I just found the perfect place! Go to

They have soundtracks there too. And they’re really cheap. Not like stupid… grr…

Woohoo! IY soundtracks, here I come!

Aside from the fact that I have done that, and searched in well-known places that might have carried them, typing it in Google like that is probably like… really running into a wall… over and over… since I don’t get anywhere using google for Blue Seed.

I hope that site doesn’t lead me to bootleg things…

Screw this thread, I find it hopeless and I double post. It had a bootleg company producing some of its Sound Tracks-- SonMay

Me too. This is the only place I’ve found so far that has the IY soundtracks and the DVDs that I’ve been wanting at a cheap price. I MUST have the second movie! I MUST!! (Yes, I am obsessed with IY. Give me a break, I’m a teenage girl…)


Super cheap prices often are a hint for being bootleg.

Maybe I was hoping for too much… sigh I’ll just have to wait until April I suppose…

Try not to hope anymore. Things are often misleading, anyways.

Darn it! Well, at least I didn’t order anything (since I don’t have any money at the moment). Thanks for pointing that out for me.

Well, I don’t think everything there was bootleg, but the msot common bootleg companies I see are: SonMay and Everanime
I thinkt he Blue Seed CD was made by ADV Films which is the company that I think actually produced it under hwatvere record label it is and whatnot.

The two soundtracks that I wanted the most were by SonMay though…

Well, maybe the DVDs are okay to buy at least… I hope they are…

ADV is the original guys that produced it for over here. I haven’t heard of any soundtracks. They usually advertise them on the dvd volumes(or at least the ones I’ve bought) and Blue Seed didn’t have one there.