Since it's been about 350 days since my ban.

I was wondering if it could be lifted, seeing as it’ll be one year since the ban, on May 1st.

It was voted you were to be banned for an “indeterminate length of time”. Which is a very long time one might say.

So, not even for a small amount of time I can be unbanned, then banned again? :[

Seeing as how you missed the subtlety last time around…I thought I’d make it perfectly clear

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ninja edit: lol 69 lol

oh noz no more :frowning:

I tolly saw that coming.


Zep, you are the awesomest person there is. We all love you. Except for Setz. If he did, he’d be back in the chat by now.

Don’t expect to be unbanned any time soon, Setz. I personally didn’t want a ban of indeterminate length. I proposed we ban you for 34 years, but no one went for that idea.

Yeah. You’ve said that the last time I asked nicely to be unbanned.

So in 33 more years, you promise I’ll be unbanned?

Nope. They didn’t like my 34 years idea, so you may be banned for 33 more years after the next 33.

Hey Jango.

So in 66 years?

Perhaps. You may get off in 66 years, or it could be extended another 34 years to 100 years.

Looks like I got quite something to look forward to in life! :slight_smile:

We can only guess at how you’ll act in the chat by your posts

I guess flaming Xelo in that physics thread helped a little

Why do you want to be unbanned so bad? The chat’s really only kind of sort of fun anyway.

We could unban you tomorrow, in a year, in 20 years, or never, Setz. That’s what indeterminate length means.

May I suggest one thing? Let the baby have his bottle. Unban him for a little while, and see how he behaves. If he’s good, then give him another chance. Obviously, you’d want to keep an eye on him, but if he’s good, then he’s clearly learned his lesson, right?

That’s what I’d do, anyway. What did he get banned for, anyway? I believe in moderation with compassion, and it hasn’t failed me yet.

Why do you people keep coming? Everyone knows the funniest shit happens in op notices anyway.

Yeah, uh, no.

Until every op has received acts of fellatio from you, don’t make another thread.