Simpsons movie in the works

Do you think this will mark the end of the series? Maybe as a grand finale?

Here’s hoping its good. Haven’t seen much of the recent simpsons, sicne I haven’t watched TV period in a while.

Well, except a couple instances to check and see if school was cancelled.

The series should have ended years ago, if you ask me. I love the early episodes, but after the sixth or seventh season, it went the way of the Garfield and used the same joke eighty times per episode.

Yeah, I agree with Gallo. The earlier episodes were wittier and, more importantly, made you care about the characters. Lately they just seem to be coasting along, and even resorting to gross-out humor, which I don’t like. So, I don’t watch the show regularly anymore.

So, I do think a movie would be a good way to finish the series- especially if they can show the love between the characters again.

Btw, I had the worst nightmare the other day- I dreamed I was a character in the Simpsons… and it was the LAST episode, and everybody was supposed to die in the end!! (Honest, I dreamed that!) :eek:

Well that’s interesting. Hopefully it doesn’t suck.

Bleh. Simpsons started to really suck these last few episodes. I doubt the movie will be good.

I hope the movie is funny. It would kind of suck if I went to see it and it was horrible.

I hope the general public supports them regardless of a caring thought to wit!

I know quite a few people who will probably be overjoyed that the simpson’s are going to make a movie. They are a bit obsessive over the series. I hope it’s good, but I’ll still just probably catch it when it hits the movie channels.