Simon Cowell is owned and HARD.

To set the scene, in the British charts the most prestigious #1 of the year is always the one that means you’ll be #1 in the charts on Christmas Day. Over the year many artists have hald that coveted spot- The Beatles have had 3, Sir Cliff Richard is famous for making Christmas time his own (say what you want, I kinda liked Saviour’s Day).

For the past five years, Simon Cowell’s money-printing show the X-Factor has always had its climax around the third week in december, meaning the winner’s single would always be released around December 17th… coincidence? Bollocks. The winner of that show has had the coveted Christmas #1 for the past four years in a row.

This year though, a group of people on facebook- which started as a group of around 100 and quickly ballooned to 940 000, decided enough was enough. With hilariously awesome results.

Criticise the music choice all you want Hades but you have to admit this is an epic win for the power of the people.

Marx’s vision of a proletarian utopia has finally been achieved. No longer will oppressed middle-class white teenagers with dreams of becoming superstar cultural hegemonists be oppressed by the heavy shackles of the evil bourgeoise record industry masters. These are truly magnificent times we live in people.

Should have been a different song.

That’s pretty awesome. Not a bad choice in song/band either, as Rage are definitely one of the better bands to come from that alt-metal 90’s scene.

I expected this thread to be about Owls.

Way to disappoint, neb :stuck_out_tongue:

A cover of Miley Cyrus sounds quite original though.

I actually have a friend in the UK who participated in this, ahaha. It’s cool, what the internet can do.