SimCity\The Sims

[i]Anybody here every play any of the SimCity games? I don’t care for the first two, but SimCity3000 and SimCity 3000 Unlimited are both pretty awesome!!! of course, as SOON as I get SimCity3000 Unlimited, SimCity 4 comes out. Shit, man, just my luck, lol

As for The Sims, that is most possibly the funnest game I’ve ever played. Although the only expansion pack I have is Livin’ Large

I’ve never been high on the sim city games, I can never really make money in that game. Sure, they look pretty, but its no fun when I can’t make shit work right.

And the sims has looked fun, but it’s also looked like it would be only mildly amusing after a point, and then just be boring. Sorta like Diablo 2.

the new Sims looks cool. I forgot what it’s called but it’s about the entertainment world

I like Playing The Sims, I haven’t played Sim City, though (I want to.)