Sim City 4 OST

This has to be one of the best soundtracks I’ve never heard until now. Holy shiiitttt

Who’s with me? I can not get enough of this electronic jazz groove.

I’ll nab it off of Galbadia Hotel’s forums later.

Yo, check this song out:


This is the shit I LOVE.

It’s pretty cool…but, I just can’t imagine playing Sim City to this. I feel like I’m playing a futuristic action game. Maybe if one of the disasters you could choose in Sim City 4 is “crazy cyber anime ninja assassins blow up key buildings of the evil government officials” or something, I could buy it.

But then again, I’ve never seen the game in action, I’m thinking of the super, super old sim city when I say this, so for all I know, it’s totally appropriate. As of right now though…I don’t get it.

On the same note, I kinda found the Sim City 2000 musics very bland compared to the original’s. Well, the ones on the SNES one were rather fitting, even if very simple.

Sim City 3, on the other hand, had pretty nice touches everywhere with energy here and ambience there.

As for SC4’s musics… I like what I hear. Makes me want to blast some infected mushroom.

This song doesn’t represent the soundtrack as a whole, which has 35 songs about 5 minutes each, most of which are slower jazz. This song is an energy spike to break the monotony of it, and there are a few others like it. It’s intense for a city building game, but when you’re actually playing, it’s oddly fitting, and integrates well with the soundtrack because the songs before and after it act as a transition.

This is my favourite song on the soundtrack. Pumps me up for when I’m pumping my city up, yo.

I’d play Red Faction 1&2 to that.

Oh yeah, the music in Simcity 4 was really sweet.

This thread is almost making me want to dust off the disc and play it for awhile again.

I just wish you could play it without the frickin disc, like Blizzard lets you do now with Starcraft and Diablo II with registration.