Silence of The Lambs on ice(the musical)

now thats something I would like to see

In that case, you sir, are a freak.

No, he just jumped in radioactive waste to many times…wait, no he’s a freak.

And that is precisely the reason why Broadway is off limits to all Zhares.

hides Trillian inside hollow suit of armour

Shhhh! She might hear you!


No man, just… no.

I MUST see this!

This is perhaps the best idea for an Ice show i have ever heard of. LET’S GET TO WORK!

I can’t imagine Dr. Lector singing.

Oh god I love it. Lets do the other too aswell. Sweet Jesus, finally another reason to see men in tights on ice!


ketchup stained ice doesnt taste too well

<img src=“”> You know, if this does good, we might see Texas Chainsaw Massace the musical and Hannibal live in concert. If you thought the scene with the brain was sick, wait until he hear the song about it!

There is a Silence of the Lambs Musical… kinda.

Download the songs from the link at the top of the site. They fucking kick ass.

What we need is a musical based on a videogame. *Nod.

I thought of something even better

The Evil Dead Trilogy

or Deliverence The Oprea

“Akira: The Musical.”

How about a Broadway performance of “Election 2004”???

Actually, There could always be “Psycho, the Musical”


Halloween on Ice

I would love to see the special effects to that, and the budget it would cost.

Heh. They’d probably just make it animated again, or something.

No! How bout, Final Fantasy 10…the opera!!! Buahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!!!