Sid Meier's 'Pirates!' is being remade

I have Pirates! Gold (DOS version, and not pirate for a change ^^) and it’s simply one of my favorites. It’s almost as old as me and still one of my favorites :yipee: And now it’s being remade!!!

Go check:

BTW, for my fellow eye-patched mateys - my records so far in Pirates! are (got each of these in a different game):

2 years without a single muttin
120k gold pieces in the cave (that’s what you get when you steal the silver train, find two treasure chests in a row and get to a safe port with only 10 sailors left to split the booty)
Married to the daughter of a governor
Found lost father and sister
15 acres of land and the title of Captain from the Spanish, letters of marc (or something spelled like that) from the other nations.

Yeah, I read about it a while back, maybe a half a year ago, whenever it was announce. Looks wicked sweet. Well, sounds sweet, since they havent released screenshots.

They’ve released some 32 screenshots now (screenshots and sketches), check the link I posted ^^ I think they’re using an engine similar to the one Lucas Games used for Escape from Monkey Island.

Edit: by the look of it, they have removed all those info panels from the game. A pity, for they gave a humongous strategical advantage if you had the time to read them.

I wish someone would do that to Sea Legends too. Pirates! and Sea Legends are very alike, the main difference being that Sid Meier’s game is a kind of “Sim Pirate”, whereas Legends follows a storyline.

I’ve never heard of this game before.

Wow. Don’t know how those screens got by me. Nice, but I heard somewhere they were using the morrowind graphics engines for it, though I found that hard to believe at the time, and I still do looking at those screens.

And Escape from monkey Island used prerendered backgrounds, and those don’t look prerendered, so I doubt its that engine. Who cares what engine it is though, it still looks great!

I mentioned this ages ago. Slowpoke!
I haven’t played the original, but I’m still looking forward to this one.

Thats because Pirates are now trendy.

That’s funny, I could have sworn it was already released. Then again, maybe I’m thinking of a different pirate game…

Your’ probably thinking of Pirates of the Carribbean, or Sea Dogs 2. Neither were Sid Meier games. Though I heard they were respectable, they apparently didn’t live up to the legacy of the original pirates game.