Shuffle! was looking to be an awful anime

But, <i>episode 19</i>. Holy shit.

Is it really worth it? The eps before that were terrible. Is Psycho Kaede really worth suffering for?

Depends on whether you’ve watched all the previoue episodes (i.e. whether her “good girl” impression has been sufficiently built up)

(Spoiler) Psycho Kaede:

<a href = “”>[1]</a> <a href = “”>[2]</a>
<a href = “”>[3]</a> <a href = “”>[4]</a>

Well the little i watched of this anime it’s a little dull ^^; all the girls in love with a guy that imo is a little idiot, the chars are sort of funny i liked Primula and Kaede …but it wasn’t very attractive ^^; and it was sort of annoying.

Bloody hell Kaede looks super freaky O___o

Pierson I am still expecting your post in this thread :ma<b></b>ho:

Spoilers for the last ep

Kaede ends up becoming a lesbian with Sia :open_mouth:

I could have swore I posted here already. Anyway yeah, the 19/20 episode payoff was brilliant.

Actually you posted about psycho Kaede in another thread which incidentally got me interested in this whole mess

<a href = “”>haha guess what i did</a>

what about lesbian kaede? >_>

EDIT: Proof if you don’t believe me

I’ll believe it when I see it >:E

Fine >:(

I saw it, but I think it was more fanservice than “omg they’re lesbians”

I think it was worth it. Complete roll-reversals like that are always just 'holy shit!'s of titanic proportion, and enough to make the AWFUL series before it go away.