Hello, I am new to RPG Classics. I have been coming here for information on games for awhile but recently opened up an account on the messageboards. Now I am not sure if someone has already asked this but I was wondering if anyone could make and maintain a shrine or do you have do be an admin or something. I was just wondering and If I could get a reply that would be great thanks! I look forward to spending many long years here finding gaming info and chatting with fellow gamers.

hey Derktar. Anyone can shrine a game, you don’t have to have any special status. As Dragonessa posted, check our join page for details!

Thank you very much. I would very much like to start working on anything you need done or you need me to finish. I will join up as soon as I finish a project for school and begin looking at other shrines to get some ideas.

K i was looking through what you needed and didn’t and I came up with a few that you need and I would like to do. Either Ogre Battle 64, or Warcraft 3 would be a pleasure to do. If you would like me to start getting data together just ask, I would be more than happy to begin collecting data. And thanks again.

to reserve a shrine, follow the directions on the join page. It involves e-mailing

Thank you once again. Once I read the manuals on how to build a shrine I shall e-mail and try to reserve one.