shrine reservation problem?

Well, I tried to reserve one for Pokemon Gold since I played it a lot, so I made my nice e-mail and tried to send it to , but apparently, it doesn’t exist anymore. How do I reserve one then?

You ask nicely here on these forums. Sorry it took so long to reply. We’ve pretty much stopped with shrines and mostly expect people to use the Wiki

I don’t think he’s coming back. :frowning:

But just wandering… if that’s the case, what happens to the shrines that are currently in progress?

If they get finished, they’re published.

Oh nice! :smiley: Mines been on hold for like ages… xD But I intend to finish it though! xP

I did have a shrine, like 10 or so years ago… shudder… I no longer have the old email (though I probably can dig it up).
I doubt the ftp account still works. May I please get a new shrine/ftp account?

I for one prefer shrines to wiki, it is such a hassle using wiki… as to strait html editing.
Also, I can’t seem to figure out how to sign up for the wiki (didn’t see any links in the page).

Can we ask for a game to be added to the masterlist/db? Rogue Galaxy <-- Ps2 game.
(I’ve been working on the shrine on my side, when its done, I guess I can .zip it and email it to an admin to shrine it, that is if you don’t give out shrine/ftp accounts anymore)

But, a con for shrines pops up, they are not all ways complete, and some have incorrect info… and MOST have HUGE blocks of texts for walkthroughs…
need to better format it, … so few pictures too :frowning:

Probably: it depends on what shrine. It would be useful if you could dig up the old e-mail.

We haven’t added anything to the database in years and probably won’t: it’s likely to break miserably if we do.

Oh I dug up email, and pass to ftp still works.

But I don’t know now… we can’t add a game to the db… if the game is not there, we can’t shrine it right?
I was semi-interested in Rogue Galaxy. I’ll at least look for a game with an unfinished shrine I can tinker with.

Too bad its not working well for you, I would hate for it to break.

Provided it’s a roleplaying game you can shrine it. It doesn’t have to be in the database.

So, IF I shrine Rogue Galaxy, how will others find the shrine if the game is not in the database/lists?

It can still be found by search engines - and we’d probably link to it from the frontpage in a news update.