Shrine mostly complete. Request review and assistance

I have been working on the KotOR shrine for a while now, and it’s been mostly complete for the past year. The main walkthrough is complete as well as maps of every area in the game. The only thing left is to add pics to the mini-games section. Unfortunately my computer died, and I’ve lost all of my saves, as well as real life demands impinging on my ability to start over. That, and the fact that my laptop has problems taking good screenshots, as it isn’t very game friendly, if someone could provide pics for the aforementioned mini-games, as well as review the data in my shrine for any errors or inconsistencies, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time.


Never mind about the screenshots. I restarted KotOR this evening to see how far I could get in a single sitting, and fortunately I was able to get to the part where I can access the mini-games, so never mind about that. It’ll take me a short while longer before I finish the mini-games section, but it shouldn’t take too long. I still request that someone help review my shrine for errors and inconsistencies, if possible. Thank you.

It looks good to me; I would’ve wanted you to upgrade to a more recent template, but that’d be much more effort than it’d be worth. I haven’t read through it very thoroughly, but the spelling seems fine. There is a missing image here.

Ok, I fixed that page. Thanks. I would have updated to a more recent template, but as you said, it wasn’t worth the effort. When the new template came out I already had most of my pages up, though not all of the data was complete. Anyways, I think I’ve completed the shrine for the most part, so long as there are no other errors.